Death and Taxes: Lee Corso and Gameday

jrwhiterabbitContributor IAugust 21, 2009

There are two things certain in life: "death and taxes" and hopefully not death by taxes. In the University of Alabama idioms...there are two things certain Lee Corso and ESPN game day in Tuscaloosa, and being on the cover of the SI magazine.

The curse that is known to Alabama Football Fan.

Its like the Bambino curse to the Boston Red Sox. Although, the curse on Bama broke a few years ago...but it will still make a stomach nervous to hear ESPN announce Game Day down on the Capstone and Lee Corso picked Bama to win—A sure double edged sword.

Luckily, this last SI was split between seven coaches of College Football so maybe if we fly under the radar until game day we will be the W in the final column. I predict that Bama will be met with more resistance than the Clemson team we faced a year ago in the dome.

Can you believe...it's here and the Count Down officially underway.

This post is more of a get a first out of the way, but ignited by the recent whining of the press about mean ole Nick Saban. As you can see in the above picture...we take Alabama Football serious.

Interesting note that my dog who bears the name Shelby ella-bama is a fan of Nick Saban's book How Good Do you Want to be. A excellent read. An excellent business mind and philosophy.

After spending most of the night catching up on final practices down in T-town, I am breathing a sigh of easier relief. Since Saban is focused on the task at hand we sometimes sense and read into his lack of media tail kissing.

Gotta respect his focus and determination....There may be college football programs that are as good as BAMA, better than BAMA, but there is not a coach who Coach's by Leadership.

Leadership in which he walks and leads by example—In fact, success is the end result to a vision, a plan, how strong your foundation is, and how well you persevere.

I love this man. I love everything about this man...but most importantly I just...can't say that enough. I think if there had ever been a mentor on getting your life right and your focus on...it's Coach Saban.

I love his Success program of the three keys of Commitment, Determination, and Perseverance. Combine with his respect to the fundamental human values and ethics...you can't go wrong. If those kids will listen to him and do as he ask winning will come naturally.

The top thing Alabama needed was their sense of discipline returned to the game...and this is what I am proud of the most. We are once again believing and playing...Alabama Football...it is to be respected, a man that shows you how to lead instead of tells you.

Roll Tide.

  A dose of Saban Shakespeare. Sabanisms...Alabama's own Shakespeare ___________________________________________________________

  • 3 keys to success...Commitment, Determination, and Perserverance.
  • This is not the old Alabama. But it is the old-school Alabama.
  • “We need to make this a place they don’t ever want to come back to again,” Saban said to fans.
  • -”Our players played with confidence,” Saban said. “I didn’t see anybody scared out there. I didn’t see any fear.”Nick Saban after the 34-10 win over clemson.

    If anyone has any quotes, comments, or Sabanisms, please post them. I have started the long road to assembling the most famous quotes of legendary coaches. I appreciate any help , support, and contributions toward this journey...thanks.

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