WWE WrestleMania 31: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2015

Credit: WWE.com

With the biggest show of the year, WWE WrestleMania 31, just weeks away, there is plenty to keep an eye on as we head towards the pay-per-view.

With championships, and ultimately storylines, being settled at the event, there are plenty of rivalries and feuds worth keeping an eye on, even away from the major matches on the card.

And arguably one of those storylines to follow closely is the quickly developing rivalry between Sting and Triple H.

This match was only locked down last weekend at WWE Fastlane after their face-to-face confrontation, and it will be interesting to see how the WWE play it out.

The first Raw after that pay-per-view saw very little in the way of exposure for the match, and it looks likely that Triple H is going to be doing most of the legwork here.

With Sting's dates clearly limited after the deal he struck up, it's unlikely we'll see too much of him prior to the actual showdown itself, apart from perhaps the go-home edition of Raw prior to WrestleMania.

It will certainly be intriguing to keep an eye on how much Sting is on our screens and how often the WWE plan to use the "stunt doubles" that we saw on Raw a couple of weeks ago.

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Elsewhere, another interesting dynamic to keep an eye on is that involving Bray Wyatt. He has been building up towards a match with The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 31 and, just like Triple H's role in his feud with Sting, Wyatt has done all of the work.

His eerie, mysterious promos certainly do set him apart from every other star on the WWE roster, and whilst they've gone a tad stale recently, Wyatt was on top form again at Fastlane.

Even though not many people suspected The Undertaker to emerge from that casket that was brought down to ringside, Wyatt's clarity in who he wants to fight at WrestleMania will help to give this feud a fresh shot in the arm.

And in truth, it will certainly need it. With The Undertaker being kept off TV until the show, the onus is going to be on Wyatt again to prove he can pull off a legitimately major feud all by himself.

If he does that, then the future could look bright again for Bray Wyatt.

Finally, it's impossible to have missed Randy Orton's return to television at Fastlane last weekend. He returned with a bit of a bang, although the WWE threw a swerve into the works on Raw the night afterwards.

Many expected an immediate turn on Seth Rollins on Raw, but the WWE seem to be taking a slower approach with the Orton vs. Rollins rivalry. That's going to make for fascinating viewing in the coming weeks, as we begin to see their relationship unravel, heading towards a real grudge match at WrestleMania.

Orton as an anti-Authority figure who takes no prisoners is going to make for compelling viewing, and with the enigmatic and excellent Rollins as his foe, that will be a feud that is well worth watching.