The Starbury Saga: What Does He Truly Want From the Internet?

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2009

So, I'm on Yahoo and I'm looking at the daily news and stuff, to see if anything is interesting.

Well, what do i come across but a video of Stephon Marbury smoking a J and then bragging about it.

Now, for him to keep the little bit of dignity he has left, I hope he was lighting up where it's legal. But, I'm not one of those people who thinks weed is just the worst and think that you're the worst person in the world if you do it.

I'll admit I've had flings with it, so have a lot of other people. But, you honestly have to be some extraordinary kind of stupid if you go and admit to doing it and show it on camera.

Now, normally this isn't that big of a deal and he would still get signed by a team and it would get shaken off. But, this combined with getting down to "I'm a barbie girl", eating Vaseline, crying on camera for no reason, pretending barbies are strippers and being constantly half naked makes it a big deal.

That brings me to my next question: What Does Marbury want from the internet?

To elaborate on that, what type of internet legacy does he want? Does he want to go down for his good career and highlight videos on youtube or does he want to be remembered as that lonely guy who lost his mind and did some crazy shit on camera?

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If you chose the second or first option they are both wrong. I believe that Marbury will ultimately go down as all of the above, that basketball guy that was introduced to U-stream and the internet. 

That basketball guy who woke up one morning and decided he was going to act like a nut bag on camera for as long as he could. That guy who decided he would rather be known for some crazy internet thingy than basketball. The guy who decided to turn down a couple of million dollars and ruin his legacy as a basketball player.

Did he even catch any Zs? because I heard he was just drinking redbull and downing pills. (on a side note: buying a cranberry/raspberry juice for 2 bucks does just as good as a 5 buck energy drink.)

Well, congratulations, "Starbury" you're officially a "star." That's what you wanted wasn't it to be remembered for years to come? to be on "Best Damn's 50 greatest athletes turned whack jobs?"

BTW, to Marbury's buddy that was constantly in the stream, you are an even bigger idiot for letting you're friend self destruct. Then again, this could all be fixed by Marbury saying four little words:



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