Super Bowl Commercials 2015: Best in-Game Twitter Reaction to Fan-Favorite Ads

Matt Fitzgerald@@MattFitz_geraldCorrespondent IIIFebruary 2, 2015

Mindy Kaling, winner of the award for TV couple of the year, poses in the press room at The People Magazine Awards at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

As much attention as the epic Super Bowl XLIX matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots received on Sunday, the accompanying commercials attracted a ton of buzz in their own right.

An extended trailer for Jurassic World debuted just after the coin toss, setting an epic tone from the beginning. Lindsay Lohan even made a surprise appearance in a humorous Esurance advertisement.

The best of the in-game ads brought out plenty of great reactions from the Twitterverse, too.

Blake McIver of Full House fame weighed in on the interesting TurboTax commercial presenting an alternate version of the American Revolution's history:

Blake McIver @BlakeMcIver

TurboTax Boston Tea Party. That's all. Really, that's all I've got. #SuperBowl

When Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw a critical interception deep in Seattle territory, ESPN's Andrew Brandt had a funny take on the subsequent Brady Bunch-themed Snickers ad starring Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi:

Andrew Brandt @AndrewBrandt

Brady Blunder followed by Brady Bunch. #SB49

Just after Mindy Kaling starred in a Nationwide commercial where she thought she was invisible, she posted a timely photo to Twitter with Hollywood star Matt Damon, who made a surprise cameo:

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Mindy Kaling @mindykaling

Proof I’m not invisible. Just look at how into me he is! @Nationwide #InvisibleMindy #SuperBowl http://t.co/94IdS4PWdY

B.J. Novak reached out to express his appreciation for Kaling:

B.J. Novak @bjnovak


The lost puppy in the Budweiser commercial that made viewers tear up sparked this comment from Joe Terrell of KLTV in Texas:

Joe Terrell @joeterrell

Glad he got his dog back, but can you imagine the damage those horses did to those stall doors? #BudweiserPuppy #SB49

Lenovo United States replied directly to Budweiser:

Lenovo United States @lenovoUS

Hey @Budweiser - our puppy would like to be #bestbuds with your puppy. Call us? Let's #breaktheinternet https://t.co/txzzX3oQeI

McDonald's is taking a commendable imitative to provide customers with free food as long as they comply with a friendly request. It is called "pay with lovin'."

Comedian Jim Gaffigan may have had the tweet of the night in response:

Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan

As long as McDonald's doesn't make us pay with excercise.

ESPN's Darren Rovell feels the marketing strategy will be quite effective:

Darren Rovell @darrenrovell

How many people over the next 2 weeks are going to try to pay with love at McDonald's? #LongLines

Enlisting the help of Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston dressed in his Walter White getup, Esurance delivered a similar concept to its earlier ad with Lohan.

Cranston's tease about the ad before it happened was noteworthy:

Bryan Cranston @BryanCranston

We're 'sorta ready' for the Super Bowl. If the first quarter stinks, stay tuned for the second - it just might cook. http://t.co/lNWUgX3erF

Esurance's illustration of Walter White was excellent:

Esurance @esurance

Say my name. #sorta http://t.co/0uc3i2pXWJ

Speaking of famous actors returning in familiar form, mobile phone game Clash of Clans had Liam Neeson channeling his Bryan Mills Taken character in a coffee shop with great success.

SportsMyriad's Beau Dure summarized how great the commercial was:

Beau Dure 🗯️⚽👨‍👦 @duresport

OK, if you didn't like the Liam Neeson ad, you might be too cynical to live.

Jeff Bridges made an appearance in a Squarespace ad. Seeing it in its full form and the company's description of what was going on is the best way to experience it:

Squarespace @squarespace

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. http://t.co/PHQnh2B0ah #SleepingTapes https://t.co/Ioek6lRmPf

TNT NBA analyst Kenny Smith wasn't a huge fan of the lauded, funny Loctite advertisement that featured obscure dancing in fanny packs:

Kenny Smith @TheJetOnTNT

Loctite ?? Smh

A great Dodge Challenger spot provided quite a nice perspective:

Dodge @Dodge

Treat every day like it’s game day. Treat every game like it’s the championship. #DodgeWisdom #SB49 http://t.co/9XONHyvdXE

And there were other effective ads, as the Super Bowl XLIX lineup of commercials was quite strong overall. A good mix of humor, drama and ultimately effective message-delivering has to have the majority of companies that purchased expensive slots quite pleased.

The next Super Bowl has a lot to live up to in terms of both advertisements and the game itself, which was thrilling. Thanks to the quality of commercials, the breaks in game action were a welcome changeup to a special Super Bowl Sunday.


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