Anthony Randolph Is Ready

Scotty KaneContributor IAugust 11, 2009

This is the year, people will know the name Anthony Randolph.

Now, I'm not going to say that he will average 20 points per game or 10 rebounds per game and make the All-Star team (well, you never know), but I will say Randolph will at least be given the opportunity to showcase his talent to the NBA world.

As many people know, Don Nelson doesn't like to play rookies. As was the case with Marco Belinelli, who was dealt to the Toronto Raptors, where I'm sure he will flourish. Nellie has never liked the idea to play rookies and I have never really understood that...I mean, in his kind of system you would think a player with any kind of talent would be put in the rotation.

But that hasn't been the case with Nellie.

Usually, I never liked the fact that he wouldn't play rookies, but last year he had to give them a shot.

DeMarcus Nelson, an unsigned point guard out of Duke, started for the Golden State Warriors in the first few games of the season. That didn't really work out well and now he is playing with the Chicago Bulls. Anthony Morrow, an undrafted rookie out of Georgia Tech, who lit it up in last year's Summer League, played a lot during the season.

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Anthony Randolph, the Warrior's first round pick out of LSU, who actually hardly saw any playing time in the first half of the season, found his true game in the second half. 

During the first half of the year, I couldn't help, but wonder why Nellie didn't play Randolph? Then, when Randolph received some playing time, I understood why. Randolph seemed very confused out on the court, whenever he was put in the game. Whether, it was a couple of minutes in the second quarter, or garbage time, he seemed confused and made plenty of mistakes.

But that happens to young players...I understand that.

Certain rookies flourish right away, but a majority of rookies need time to adjust to the NBA level. Randolph was no different.

The team was patient with Randolph and rightfully so. As the season went on, Randolph received more playing time and began playing well. One night he played 25 minutes, then 30, then worked his way into the starting lineup. He definitely got us Warriors fans excited every time he was on the court.

Randolph worked harder than most, to get where he is today, especially after being told that he was too skinny to be anything special in the NBA. A guy with Randolph's size, who can handle the ball the way he does, is amazing. His shooting range is getting better and better, while his shot blocking ability is right up there with the best. His hard working attitude is the best feature in his game.

I have a feeling Randolph will have a breakout year and along with Monta and Steven Jackson, lead the youngest team in the NBA to new heights in the Bay Area.

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