WWE SmackDown Rebound: Straight Edge By Any Means Necessary

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IAugust 1, 2009

Following a recap of this past Sunday’s Night of Champions’ World Heavyweight Championship Match, SmackDown goes live to a raucous crowd in Ray Lewis’s backyard of Baltimore.

All of a sudden, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy, makes his much anticipated arrival to the ring.

Hardy starts off by saying that he is a free spirit, he has beaten his own drum and the only drug he’s on now is being World Champion. He then focuses on the future…mainly CM Punk’s rematch and his title defense against John Morrison tonight.

As Hardy prepares to leave the ring, Cryme Tyme heads down to the ring for their match, but to also celebrate Hardy’s hard fought title victory at Night of Champions as SmackDown takes its first break.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty (No. 1 Tag Team Contender’s Match)

Shad gets control early with a huge shoulder block that sends DH Smith rolling back to his corner. Tyson Kidd gets the blind tag, and he is able to take advantage of it with a kick to the legs of Shad. The duo continue to focus on the long tree trunks of Shad Gaspard as they ram him into the steel steps.

Back on the show, DH picks up where Tyson Kidd left off by throwing every submission maneuver in the arsenal at the big man of CTC. Smith locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab, all while shoving his boot into the back of Smith’s head.

Despite Kidd trying to keep the tag from happening, Shad manages to shove Kidd aside and bring in JTG. JTG drops Smith off the apron before delivering a leg drop from the top rope to Kidd. But Tyson delivers a springboard neck breaker to slow the pace down.

Shad drops DH Smith on the outside while Kidd and JTG fly around the ring. But in the end, JTG delivers the Shout Out to get the pinfall victory and become the #1 Contenders for the Unified Tag Team Championships when they face The Big Show-icho at Summerslam.

After the bell, the Tag Champions make their way out to talk trash to the new No. 1 Contenders.

Jericho applauds them before grabbing the stick and bragging about the accomplishments of both men. But Shad quickly jumps on and speaks Wookie to the language prone Big Show. JTG jumps on and makes them remember Monday night.

Just like Monday night, the Tag Champions try to save face by comparing accolades before they leave the arena.

Michelle McCool and Layla vs. Eve Torres and Melina

Layla and Eve continue their expired rivalry as they slug it out to begin the match. McCool comes in and continues the punishment with a set of knees to the head. Eve fights out of the headlock and is able to tag in Melina.

Melina comes in and drops Layla with a farewell and a high knee. But as she goes for the Flashing Lights, McCool drops her with a kick to the face.

McCool jumps in goes for the Faithbreaker, but Melina counters it into the Hollywood Bomb to get the pin and the victory for her and Eve.

In the back, CM Punk confirms that Hardy’s victory was indeed an upset, but he makes it clear that everyone should be Straight Edge like him.

Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox vs. Finlay and Rey Mysterio

Ziggler and Mysterio pick up where they left off from last Sunday as Rey intends to pick up where he left off, but Mike Knox drops Mysterio with a huge splash before delivering more punishment.

Mysterio tries to fight back with a enzugiri that allows him to tag in Finlay. The Irishman comes in and drops Knox with a set of clotheslines and the Irish splash. Finlay then drops Knox with a Guinness Rollover.

As Finlay tries to continue the pressure, Knox nails a bicycle kick and manages to slightly injure Finlay. Ziggler returns to the ring and continues the assault on Finlay.

Finlay tries to tag, but Ziggler maintains control as Knox returns in to deliver a Half Nelson to keep the Irishman grounded. Finlay continues to show signs that he needs to tag as Ziggler and Knox continue the assault.

Knox misses the knee, but Ziggler is able to cut Finlay off from making the tag briefly as Mysterio comes in and explodes on Ziggler. Mysterio continues the high flying assault with a set of dropkicks.

Mysterio delivers the 619 and drops Knox in the process before dropping him with the West Coast Splash. Thanks to Finlay’s elbow, Mysterio gets the roll up on Dolph to get the pinfall victory over Ziggler and Knox.

In the back, the current No. 1 Contender for the World Championship, John Morrison, starts off by congratulating Jeff for winning the gold. He agrees that tonight that they will create a spark that will be felt all over the WWE Universe. Afterwards, The Great Khali prepares to make his way to the ring.

Charlie Haas vs. The Great Khali

Haas tries to slug it out and use his speed to get control, but Khali makes it clear that overpowering him would be pointless. Following a vicious chop, Khali delivers the Khali Chop before aiming for the Punjabi Plunge.

But Kane makes his appearance and tries to kidnap Ranjin Singh. Khali gives chase but it is Kane who appears to have the last laugh for a brief moment.

In the back, both Hardy and Morrison are preparing for their epic World Heavyweight Championship main event.

World Heavyweight Championship Main Event

John Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Morrison show mutual respect before the bell, but when the bell rings, they both dish out everything they can to get the upper hand. Morrison gets control by using his feet and a huge clothesline.

Morrison applies the pressure with a reverse chinlock. Hardy bounces back and delivers a jawbreaker, but Morrison bounces back and launches him over the top rope before delivering a springboard moonsault as SmackDown goes to its final break.

Back on the show, Morrison has a severe headlock applied back in the ring. The two began to slug it out until a near fall makes things neutral. Hardy counters the Starship Pain and nails the Whisper in the Wind for only a two-count.

Hardy continues the pressure with the infamous Hardy Leg Drop. Hardy applies a headlock, but Morrison fights his way out of it to deliver a backbreaker/side Russian Leg Sweep combo. But he then delivers a standing 450 Splash.

Morrison nails a few punches before delivering a huge neck breaker to continue the control. Both men go up top and slug it out on the top rope, but both men hit the knockout punch that sends them to the ground below.

The two return to the ring and start to slug it out until Morrison gets the advantage with a clothesline and dropkick. But Hardy bounces back with a double leg drop and dropkick.

But it doesn’t take long for them to take the fight back to the outside, where Jeff whips Morrison into the security wall, and Hardy takes it to the next level with the Crash and Burn Leg Launch.

Morrison counters both the Twist of Fate and the Whisper in the Wind to deliver the Running Wisdom. But Hardy again manages to kick out. Hardy ducks the springboard dropkick but can’t dodge the second dropkick.

Morrison delivers the Chuck Kick, but he only gets a two-count again. If they were gunning for a match for the ages, they are succeeding. Morrison goes for Moonlight Drive, but Hardy hits the inverted suplex followed by the Swanton Bomb. One, Two…Morrison KICKS OUT!!!

Hardy goes for the Donkey Punch, but Morrison gets the feet up enough to send him to the other side. Morrison misses the Starship Pain again, and Hardy nails the Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win and remain the World Heavyweight Champion.

Quite a Five Star Performance from both men and a true Five Star Match tonight to end SmackDown.

But after the bell, CM Punk makes his first official appearance to the crowd and makes his way to the ring.

Punk raises the hand of Hardy twice before grabbing the stick and nailing Hardy with it on the head. He then launches Hardy out of the ring and takes the fight outside. Punk continues the punishment on the security walls.

A bloodied Hardy is being decimated at the hands of the former World Champion before Punk drives the elbows to a limp Hardy.

Punk loses his shirt and begins to walk away…but the worthless dog decides to return and launch Hardy over the announcer's table.

Punk struts his way back to the back with a huge smile on his face, knowing that if Hardy hadn’t competed in one hell of a match just a few minutes before, it would be a different story.

Punk then announces that next week on SmackDown, he will invoke his rematch clause and take back “my World Heavyweight Championship back.” Hardy begins to stir as Punk continues to smile with SmackDown going off the air.

Next Week On SD: Will Punk return to the top of the mountain? Or will Hardy show that Night of Champions was more than just a mere upset? It's CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship next week on Friday Night SmackDown!


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