WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for October 27

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 27, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The echos from Hell in a Cell will ring on the Oct. 27 edition of WWE Raw.

Bray Wyatt's attack, Nikki Bella's win and Rusev's ongoing streak are sure to be at the center of attention one night after the pay-per-view came to a close. Several storylines appear to be over, with new narratives now set to pop up as the early build to Survivor Series begins.

The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, plays host as a special guest makes his way to Raw and champions seek out new challengers.

Backstage reports and Anthony Benigno's five-point preview on WWE.com help provide a look at what to expect before the show begins at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network.

News, Potential Spoilers

The Big Guy may be on his way back. A fan sent word to PWInsider that Ryback was in Dallas with the rest of the WWE roster.

That's a possible sign that he's fully recovered from his recent surgeries. PWInsider's Mike Johnson had reported earlier that "Ryback and Curtis Axel are both expected to return to WWE TV within the month, as Ryback is about cleared to return medically."

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With the tag team division suffering from a lack of depth, RybAxel's return would be a welcome sight.

Hulk Hogan is definitely heading to San Antonio. Byron Saxton announced on the WWE App that Hogan will be on Raw. He was only on the post-Raw show on the WWE Network last week.


#WWEBackstagePass EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: @HulkHogan offered his predictions for #CenavsOrton & #AmbrosevsRollins! http://t.co/C8PMWkKcuV #WWEHIAC

As Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc points out, Hogan is among the names advertised for the show. The Authority, Dean Ambrose and John Cena are on that list as well. Brock Lesnar is not.

In addition, Middleton notes that Ambrose and Cena vs. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins is being advertised locally. That's likely just the dark match exclusively for San Antonio, but that's a matchup we've seen in various forms on Raw proper.

Will WWE go the lazy route and just throw those guys in the ring together again?

After Hell in a Cell

It didn't take long before Nikki took advantage of her victory over her sister. The win at Hell in a Cell forces Brie to become Nikki's personal assistant for the next 30 days. Before Hell in a Cell was even over, Nikki was making full use of her new lackey.

As they were leaving the arena in Dallas, Nikki dropped a smoothie on Brie's head and demanded she make her another one.

Expect a lot more of that on Monday's Raw; Nikki has plans to keep her sister busy.

Nikki & Brie @BellaTwins

Just making a little post #HIAC to-do list for my new assistant... #CinderBella #FearlessNikki https://t.co/fEL7YTaMtn

While that feud is certain to continue, Monday's Raw will likely be home to new rivalries and new challengers. Hell in a Cell wrapped up a number of feuds; count on new ones taking their places.

Gold and Stardust knocked off The Usos at the pay-per-view. It appears that the bizarre brothers will be welcoming new challengers. Benigno hints at that scenario when he asks, "So, who will the universe select as the chosen challenger for its resident champions?"

There aren't many babyface teams on the roster at the moment. Los Matadores don't seem worthy of taking this spot. Perhaps this is where WWE highlights Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston, the faction that never truly got started.

Rusev looks to be moving on as well.

The Bulgarian Brute defeated Big Show thanks in part to a distraction from an overzealous Mark Henry. There was a finality to Rusev bending Big Show backwards until he tapped out that suggests a new foe awaits Russian. 

Benigno points in that direction, writing, "It'll take someone unexpected to finally bring The Super Athlete down and win one for the USA. Will such a challenger present himself on Monday?"

There's no uncertainty surrounding what's next for Ambrose and Wyatt. Wyatt derailed Ambrose's hopes of winning by interfering in his Hell in a Cell match.

Bray Wyatt poses after knocking Dean Ambrose out.
Bray Wyatt poses after knocking Dean Ambrose out.Credit: WWE.com

That's a clear sign that a feud between these two men is underway. That's great news for Wyatt, who has been far from the spotlight of late. He gets to tangle with the red-hot Ambrose, which will likely lead to a collision at Survivor Series.

Look for Ambrose to respond to Wyatt's ambush on Monday's Raw, either verbally or by way of steel chair.

That leaves Rollins free of Ambrose after months of the two former comrades feuding. A potential babyface turn for Orton would provide him with a new warrior to face.

WWE hasn't really addressed Rollins' Curb Stomping Orton on last week's Raw.

The lingering animosity that attack caused and Orton's flawed relationship with The Authority are sure to be a focus points on Monday's Raw. Benigno hints at that in the WWE.com preview: "Can The Apex Predator maintain his favor in the eyes of WWE COO Triple H, the man who anointed him as the Face of WWE only a year ago?"

We may only see Orton's allegiance to The Authority crack. There are still four weeks until Survivor Series, leaving ample time to let his animosity for Rollins boil over.  

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