Erin Andrews Saga a Reflection of the Sad State of Society Today

andy millerCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2009

I never thought the world would see a day where the thought of a beautiful, naked, blond woman on the Internet would make me sick.

But we have. Every time I think of the Erin Andrews situation, it makes me question the world in which we live.

What is wrong with people? Sticking a camera into someone’s hotel room to catch a shot of the unknowing Andrews naked? I am not the world’s biggest Erin Andrews fan, but if she was to willingly pose for Playboy or something, trust me, I would be online to check it out before you could say, “sideline reporter."

But does anyone get any joy in seeing someone who is not aware of the fact that she is being filmed? It is against her will. Who gets any pleasure out of looking at that?

I pray they catch the piece of trash who did this and penalize him (or her, but I will assume it is a him) to the fullest extent of the law. Every state but Iowa now has some law on the books dealing with video voyeurism, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.

This person did not even do this because he was obsessed with Erin Andrews. As sick and disturbing as that would be, this is worse. He did it so he could run to the Internet, post it, and be the buzz of the world for a few days. Congratulations, your parents must be so proud.

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I am not sure if he has profited from this, or plans to down the line, but the person should be ashamed of himself. The only halfway decent thing he could do here would be to turn himself in to the authorities.

But cowards like this will not do that. People like this like to hide. They hide behind walls and hide behind cameras, and if he is caught, he will hide behind a scumbag defense attorney.

But you know what else has happened here? Erin Andrews will be changed forever. She will no longer wave and smile to the student section at a football game. She will no longer give playful interviews with the guys at Extra Mustard on SI.com. She will no longer relish being so popular among college fans.

Some people may have been turned off by the perceived lack of professionalism by Andrews, but she was just having fun and being herself.

Those days are now done—and that is a shame, whether you think she is this generation’s Marilyn Monroe or if you thought she was vastly overrated. She was not a rape victim, but she was violated, and she will be forever changed through absolutely no fault of her own.

I do not know where we went wrong as a society. Maybe it is just a few bad apples that spoil the bunch. Maybe it is the Internet and the fact that people can now become famous for doing something idiotic on YouTube.

But when something like this goes down, it sickens me that it happens, but what is worse is to know that there is someone out there giggling by himself, or with some other loser friends, thinking he is something special.

Hopefully the powers that be can reach out and take that smile right off his face.