San Diego Chargers: Scum of the NFL

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2009

The San Diego Chargers are quite possibly the biggest scum-bags in the NFL, from the Spanos family who owns the team to the GM all the way to the guys on the field and maybe even some of the fans in the stands.

They fired Marty Schottenheimer after posting a team history high in 2007 going 14-2 only to regress to 11-5 and now 8-8.

Eli Manning even whined his way out of San Diego after being warned against joining the organization and rightfully so. Look at the Chargers management moves over the last few years while Eli has a SB ring and the love of the media.

The Spanos Family

Alex Spanos is a very successful real-estate investor making millions off of the housing market. Currently he Owns A.G. Spanos Companies a formidable construction company based out of Stockton, CA and currently valued at a estimated $1.1 billion.

The company has been involved in numerous scandals over the decades including a massive accounting scandal and a housing discrimination lawsuit

He is also a George Bush supporter and has a great deal of financial influence in politics. In 2004 he was a leading supporter for George W. Bush donating over $5 million to groups supporting the Bush campaign. He was also greatly involved in the John McCain campaign and is a top five GOP supporter.

In 1997 the Spanos team screwed over the city of San Diego with a ticket guarantee agreement. Currently, due to this agreement, the city owes the Chargers and the Spanos family $31.5 million for unsold tickets. 

Currently the Spanos family has done a good deal of whining demanding a new stadium claiming the current stadium isn't fit for a professional sports team. Despite the fact that the stadium is among the upper half in stadium quality and has hosted multiple Super-Bowls.

They are threatening to move the team to Los Angeles if they don't receive a new stadium from the city.


Well, my main beef with the Charger management is ticket and concession rule created to target Raider, fans as I happen to be one. The first rule is one that is forcing anyone who buys a ticket to the Raiders @ Chargers game to buy a ticket for another game, selling tickets for the Raiders game almost exclusively in package deals.

This forces Raider fans to buy and sell tickets on E-bay or not even bother showing up to games in San Diego.

The second rule I have a problem with is an rule involving alcohol. Said to be put in place to prevent unruly behavior within the stadium, as well as alcohol related fights and postgame DUIs.

The rule states only two drinks per transaction are allowed until the third quarter, when only one drink per transaction will be allowed and no drinks allowed in the fourth quarter. Specifically for Raider games, no alcohol is allowed to be served after halftime in Qualcomm Stadium.

GM AJ Smith

First, he lied to the media, claiming the Rivers holdout was due to Rivers demanding No. 1 overall money, later it was revealed that the original Rivers contract was filled with impossible incentives.

After drafting Tomlinson through the Vick trade, the Chargers proceeded to greatly underpay him due to the fact that they wanted to keep Drew Brees. LT would have had to hold out to get even close to what would be expected of a player of his caliber, luckily for the chargers hes a nice guy.

In 2004, Antonio Gates would become a exclusive-rights free agent and trying to work out a new deal with his team. Rather than pay him what he deserved they underpaid him to for what a player of his caliber deserves and actually suspended him for the first game of the season for not coming to an agreement with the team.

That first game was a loss to the Cowboys.

In 2005, when Drew Brees was becoming a free agent the Chargers lied to Brees leading him to believe the Chargers would work to resign him. Rather than re-signing him like expected, the Chargers waited 'til late in the offseason to announce they wouldn't re-sign him, citing that his injury was more serious than expected and saying a full recovery was unlikely.

Next they fired Marty based simply on the fact that Marty wanted to play Brees while AJ wanted to play Rivers.

Later, AJ Smith let Michael Turner go, but that's more stupid than scumbag.

Most recently AJ by some accounts disrespected Tomlinson after he showed he wished to remain on the team. And may even have mishandled the situation in franchising Sproles rather than offering a high paying contract to LT. But once again luckily for the Chargers LT is a nice guy and values money less than many others.


Well, maybe Norv Turner isn't a scumbag. For all I know, he is a nice guy. He is just a tool of AJ Smith. But hey, I guess if you aren't a tool, you get fired for going 14-2.

Norv is just a good OC who has no business running a team. Hence why the Chargers' defense has began to struggle as of late.


So, first off, the obvious: Shawne Merriman. A former defensive rookie of the year, recording 10 sacks and 54 tackles as a rookie. Though I wonder how his rookie year would have gone had he been clean as the following year he was suspended four games after testing positive for steroids.

Most recently, he is recovering from a knee injury and has even stooped as low to engage in thrash talk via twitter with diva WR Chad Ochocinco.

Next Phillip Rivers. He has shown his amazing sportsmanship. Whether it be his trash-talking with former Denver poster-boy Jay Cutler or the instance where he called out Patriots corner Ellis Hobbs calling him the "sorriest corner in the league." Or even letting apposing fans get in his head causing him to blow up on field or cry.

Then there's Antonio Cromartie. Sure, he had one great year then he opened his mouth about breaking the season INT record only to fail miserably. But that is not the main reason he is just another charger scumbag. He recently fathered seven "known" children across at least five states.

Currently he is said to be set to pay $8,000 a month for each kid for the majority of the next two decades. That's a lot of money. For his sake, he'd better hope no more babies mommas show up looking to be paid and the NFL thing works out.

Then there are numerous others, like Vincent Jackson, who, it would appear, is only getting a slap on the wrist for his DUI arrest.

The Fans

The first thing I must say are the fans are rather optimistic and full of themselves. They all act pretty smug especially being the only team in the division without a SB win and only six players in the HOF.

Next it seems they are incapable of seeing patterns emerge, 14-2 11-5 8-8 tell me what comes next? First, let me say I am in no way predicting that's what will happen this season though I am also not denying it is possible.

Fans also seem to have a problem with blackouts, ratings for recent games going through the roof, recent success and even ideal weather and little competition from other local sports. The Chargers often have to push back the "sellout deadline."

Though to credit the loyal charger fans game tickets last year averaged over $83 nearly $10 more than the league average.

In the 2008 season opener in order to avoid a local blackout the remaining seats were bought out by local businesses and television affiliates. Way to show your support for your team early in the season charger fans.

But on the other hand, teams being saved from blackouts by local businesses is not uncommon; for the last Detroit-Green Bay game, a furniture company bought over 3,100 tickets to avoid a sellout in Detroit.


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