Did LeBron James Have His Hairline Fixed?

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2014


UPDATE: Monday at 11:37 p.m.

Remember all that new hair that seemingly sprouted overnight atop LeBron James' head?

Well, it appears to have fled the building. Judging by pictures taken over the weekend at the Cleveland Cavaliers' first practice, whatever remedy James used to make his hair appear fuller this September has run its course.

The Plain Dealer (h/t Deadspin's Kyle Wagner and NextImpulseSports.com) uploaded a series of images of James on the court with his teammates. His hairline seemed to be back to its old, retreating self.

Next Impulse Sports @NextImpulse

And just like that, LeBron is balder than ever http://t.co/IJ3mRcfuTs http://t.co/alfg7dZIxK

Strap in, everyone. By all indications, James' magic hairline could turn into a groundhog situation this season. Certain days it could come out; others it may see its shadow and retreat. We'll keep you posted as the follicle tides change.

--End of Update--

Hold up. Wait. Stop the record, Dre.

We need to talk about something crucially important to the social fabric—specifically, we need to discuss the state of the follicle union atop LeBron James' head.

Like Napoleon hightailing it out of Moscow, James' hairline has beat a rapid and defeated retreat up the superstar's scalp for the better part of the last decade. Every year, the headband slips another centimeter, spawning Internet jokes and reminding us all of our own inescapable mortality.

This is no longer the case, however. It appears James has broken the shackles of time and beaten back chronology’s sharp oppression. That is to say, he may have gotten hair treatment.

Judging by a picture taken Tuesday night by Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver (h/t John Ferensen of Next Impulse Sports), James' hairline has risen like Lazarus and stormed back to the front lines.

Is it the shoes? Advanced hair treatment? Carlos Boozer head paint?

James' seemingly revitalized hairline looks more sophisticated than Boozer's chocolate pudding comb-over, but let's do a quick comparison:


There are three possibilities here:

  1. Golliver's picture is just a flattering angle of James' hairline.
  2. James has engaged in actual, non-Carlos-Boozer-pudding-hair treatment.
  3. James is shaking fake hair into his hair-hair.

In any case, James appears to be in the midst of a hairline renaissance. We'll know for sure by the orientation of his headband come October. If it's back below a 45-degree angle, it’s a dead giveaway.

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