NBA Teams Get Bizarre with 'NBA Pokemon' Meme

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 11, 2014


Once again, social media teams around the NBA are passing the idle time with Photoshop tinkering.

This time, the subject matter is every 20-something's favorite childhood money drain game: Pokemon.

You know the drill. Each team competes to come up with the best remix of the meme at hand, and the winner gets a hearty slap on the back and a six-pack of kudos.

Here are some of the best "NBA Pokemon" to date.

Leading us off is the Utah Jazz's submission of "Carrick Felickitung," which you can never un-see now.

Utah Jazz @utahjazz

Carrick Felickitung #NBAPokemon http://t.co/9fpZG30h6V

The Philadelphia 76ers might've won the day with "Embiidrill."

Philadelphia 76ers @sixers

It's super effective! #NBAPokemon http://t.co/ZsEp7NpW6N

They also gave us "Luc Richard Mbah a Mewtwo."

Philadelphia 76ers @sixers

16 years ago Monday, Pokemon aired its first episode in America! How about #NBAPokemon this week? http://t.co/rNVAUdnyBw

Professor Oak definitely breached the Hippocratic Oath developing "Chanmander."

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Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs

Before leaving Pallet Town, Professor Oak made sure we left with proper defense…We chose Chandmander! #NBAPokemon http://t.co/9npzCQyOs0

To be fair, "Charmanderson Varejao" is just as disconcerting. 

Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

.@dallasmavs Not bad, but when the enemy is weak against a fiery opponent, you really need Charmanderson! #NBAPokemon http://t.co/5iZX5uZVKi

"Dante Exeggutor" is now something that exists in your subconscious.

Utah Jazz @utahjazz

Danté Exeggutor #NBAPokemon http://t.co/Nqd8rbB4gB

"GeoThatDude": weak against bratwurst, strong in the clutch. 

Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs

Our final #NBAPokemon that we chose…GeoThatDude! Thanks for playing everyone! http://t.co/bevhLHCd3A

Last, but not least, there is "Enes Haunter." You're going to need all the melatonin to sleep tonight.

Utah Jazz @utahjazz

Enes Haunter #NBAPokemon http://t.co/5oqtNtM0mO

Now that we're all feeling sufficiently nostalgic, I think I'll go dig my gray and purple Game Boy out of storage. It's a five-pound plastic chunk of mobile fun! 

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