Memo to Portland Trail Blazers: B-Roy Needs to B-Patient

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

Last week, Portland Trail Blazers All-Star Brandon Roy went on the Seattle Radio to gripe about not getting offered a five-year contract worth about $80 million. 

Instead, the team was looking at giving him a four-year deal worth about $60 million.

So $20 million is up for grabs, and Brandon wants to get paid.

I don't blame him. He beyond deserves it. 

Brandon has turned the Trail Blazers into the most exciting team in basketball. He has made Blazer games at the Rose Garden the hottest ticket in town.

Brandon is going to get his money...

In one year.

Because if Paul Allen's boys pay him now...

Well what if he breaks his leg?

What if he has a bad season?

What if he gets caught doing something he's not supposed to do?

What if aliens beam him into outer space to play for an intergalactic league in the farthest reaches of the universe? 

My point is ... that's a lot of damn money to throw at someone who still has a year left on his contract.

If ANYTHING went wrong—poof goes the money—poof go the Blazers.

Just relax, Brandon. 

Everyone knows Allen's boys at Vulcan are thugs without a heart. But they have a point in not signing you too soon.

You still have one year on your contract. 

I like you, Brandon. I'm rooting for you.

At my work, I even bought an entire table drinks just so they would move and I could get your wife seated during the 2008 NBA season!!

She's an awesome lady, by the way. Very nice. The whole crew were classy.

And I want you and your family to get your five-year contract.

But for now, please stop from going vocal about money issues. The city, the fans, the franchise, nobody should have to hear it—yet.

Everybody has less money than they want, and most of us are not one year away from getting any better.

Oh, but to the Blazer organization, when Brandon Roy's rookie contract is done, he better damn well get whatever contract he WANTS. 

Or the citizens of Portland will burn that franchise to the ground and walk upon the ashes of what could have been divine.

Go Blazers 2010, and Luck F.A.


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