NBA Teams Fire Up Photoshop for 'NBA Bedtime Stories' Meme

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2014


Social media teams around the NBA continue to while away the late summer dog days by turning to Photoshop. 

After churning out a flood of "NBA Cartoons" in August, franchises are now spinning children’s bedtime stories into hardwood tales. The results were mixed, but most of the teams killed this one. 

We’ll start with the clubhouse favorite: "Spud’s Webb."

After that we have the Cleveland Cavaliers' submission: A story about a boy who ran away from home, rose into the clouds, ran into trouble and decided to come back to earth.

"Little Ricky Riding Hood" is the reboot we deserve.

The Orlando Magic confused a thing that children buy at the book fair with a bedtime story.

Has anyone ever actually read The Wizard of Oz? Honest question. 

"Lancel and Gret-Al"—a bit of a stretch, but spectacular.

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The Orlando Magic partially redeemed themselves with "Harris Potter" by "J.K. Tobias." Still not a bedtime story, but entering the realm.

The Timberwolves hope "Zach and LaVinestalk" ends in giant-slaying.

If Casper Ware doesn’t don a wolf outfit and crown for warmups this season, ticket holders should revolt.

Well done, NBA social media teams. Some of you barely squeezed by with the cartoons, but the majority of franchises nailed this meme dead on the head.

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