"Amare Stoudemire has little interest in joining the Warriors"

GoBears 2008Analyst IJuly 1, 2009

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RealGM, citing the San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami, is reporting that Amare Stoudemire himself is expressing doubt about a trade to Golden State. The same report says the Warriors' chances of a trade are slim at best.

Over the past few days, rumors about the trade have shifted wildly, ranging from Amare joking that he's joining the Lakers to apparent indications that Stoudemire might be preparing to leave the Phoenix area.

The latest rumor, as reported by Kawakami, seems to put a stop to all trade negotiations for Stoudemire by Golden State, who would never give up any significant talent for a player who is unwilling to sign a long-term extension.

Part of Amare's problem with the Warriors was supposedly his reluctance to play center.

But with Ronny Turiaf and a now-seven-foot Anthony Randolph on the roster, Amare could play his preferred power forward position.

But the Warriors have never been concerned about employing a true center and they would be willing to accommodate Amare's wish if it meant signing him long-term. Stoudemire's problem with playing center would never become an issue.

With Andris Biedrins' exception expiring and free agency beginning, the Suns management will be under pressure to either get a deal done, keep Stoudemire for a year, or sign him to an extension. Since the Warriors seem adamant in keeping Curry, the latest rumors might either induce the suns to lower Stoudemire's price.

By saying he doesn't want a trade, Amare could simply be exerting pressure on the Suns front office to get a trade deal done faster, but to a different team. It might lead Kerr to abandon the idea of a Golden State trade altogether and seek another trading partner such a Chicago or Atlanta.

Strangely, Amare also indicated that Golden State was giving up too much to land him. It's possible that he wants to go to a contender.

But the odds that a team that's in the playoff hunt would sign-and-trade him at a maximum extension rather than waiting until 2010 is probably wishful thinking by Stoudemire.

If Kerr wants to get rid of Amare badly enough, will he swing the deal more towards Golden State? If Stoudemire's comments are quoted accurately, he might be leaning towards free agency in 2010, in which case the Suns would get nothing for him.

It is equally possible, however, that Stoudemire thinks a trade to Golden State is imminent and is trying to get what he can from both sides.

From Phoenix, he wants a trade before the full-blown rebuilding gets underway, so he sends out mixed signals about wanting to stay.

From Golden State's perspective, Stoudemire indicates that he wants out of Phoenix, but doesn't praise Golden State, lest they think that he's going to sign for cheap. If the Warriors want him by the Bay, they're going to have to pay deal to compensate for flaws in Golden State's system and personnel.

Amare might just be having fun with the media, but his choice of topics might indicate that not only is the deal with Golden State not dead, but that it's closer to completion that either side realizes.


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