An Optimistic Outlook on The Golden State Warriors

Francis HContributor IJune 28, 2009

Last season's 29-53 standing of the Golden State Warriors is like a space shuttle landing back to earth; they were back to reality and sitting at the bottom of the standings where they belong.

If you have been a Warrior fan for a long time now, and not just when they were "winning", then this is not something new to you. 

Years and years of futility in the league is something that we get used to. Finishing ninth in the west would have been something to be proud of during the pre-Baron Davis era.

The fact that the team competed and lost numerous times the last few seconds of the game was also an improvement compared to being blown out early in the second half back in the day.

However, we had an opportunity to have a taste of the good life. We had a successful postseason (getting past the first round) to go along with a winning record the following year.

The Warriors front office did not help either when they disrespected Chris Mullin, Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, and Dan Fegan. Then, they have the nerve to respect Don Nelson and his minions.

I honestly do not know (nor anyone) what Don Nelson is doing. We know he wants that winning record for the books, but why does he care after that?

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We should give him the benefit of the doubt considering the man just loves the game. This might explain why he has been in this league forever.

This year, however, he seems a little bit more active than I remember him. I was surprised to see him during the pre-draft workouts considering I thought he would be in Maui drinking Mai Tais. Surpringly, he actually worked and even traveled to Memphis to see Monta and Monta Jr. to discuss draft options, lineup changes, etc. He even talked (or grumbled) to the press. 

Monta Ellis seems to be in war mode. He knows he was stupid last year, but he wants to redeem himself and is actually volunteering to be a point guard. If this is successful, he will have a great year. 

Stephen Jackson should be happy after having a successful toe surgery. Not only is he free of pain, but he gained 20 pounds of muscle and is already working on his game.

He wants to win. He wants to be a star. He plays for the only team that will accept him, just like the Artest situation with the Rockets. As long as he stops whining like a little girl, he should have a great year.

Anthony Randolph grew an inch over the summer and is argueably the best Warrior lottery pick since Chris Webber. He also gained 20 pounds of muscle, and has improved his jump shot.

He claims that being in Don Nelson's doghouse helped him mature a lot and that he deserved it. It will be interesting how effective he will be next year.

GM Larry Riley wants to prove everyone wrong. Everyone hated  him before even knowing him and it is not his fault for what has happened with the franchise.

Getting rid of Crawford for Acie Law and Speedy, while at the same time saving $10 million next year, was a good move. People complain that the Warriors had a chance to get a better player for Crawford, but the Warriors only needed a backup point guard.

How do I feel about C.J. Watson? I believe he will go to a better place, just like Pietrus, Arenas, Fisher, Powell, etc.

Overall, if all the pieces actually fit, the Warriors should be good enough next season to compete with Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Houston.