Rory McIlroy Reportedly Broke Up with Caroline Wozniacki in 3-Minute Phone Call

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 28, 2014

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There's no right way to end a relationship, but Rory McIlroy may have skipped some steps and shattered a land speed record in breaking things off with Caroline Wozniacki.

According to Christopher Clarey of The New York Times (h/t Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead), the 25-year-old golfer broke up with Wozniacki over the telephone on May 21.

A report by Neil Harman of The Times of London claims their conversation lasted three minutes in total. Harman writes that the young tennis star initially believed her fiance was kidding: 

Caroline Wozniacki played tennis in a lovely old arena at Roland Garros yesterday but would rather have been in Belfast, asking Rory McIlroy to his face why he left her this way. Except that the last time he called, less than a day after telling her how much he loved her, it was a three-minute conversation she thought was a joke.

News of the breakup first surfaced with a simple statement from McIlroy that said he and the 23-year-old Danish tennis pro were parting ways.

Here’s part of McIlroy’s announcement, via Mike Dawes of the Daily Mail:

There is no right way to end a relationship that has been so important to two people. The problem is mine. The wedding invitations issued at the weekend made me realise that I wasn't ready for all that marriage entails. I wish Caroline all the happiness she deserves and thank her for the great times we've had. I will not be saying anything more about our relationship in any setting.

Wozniacki claimed the breakup came as "a bit of a shock," which may be an understatement considering she and her fiance had just finished sending out wedding invitations.

If this three-minute-phone-call story is true, it’s a ridiculously cold move by a man who had previously been painted as love-struck to the point of damaging his own career. 

Short of using Snapchat, there’s not a much quicker way to break it off with a girl you had once planned to spend the rest of your life with.

This new untethered existence appears to be having polar opposite effects on the former couple. McIlroy sallied forth and won the BMW PGA Championship on Sunday, while Wozniacki floundered to an early exit at the French Open on Tuesday.

We’ll see how things play out from here, but it seems the separation is permanent. Whether there will ever be closure is another question. Three minutes isn't time enough to walk a hole, much less sever people from your life.

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