2009 NHL Draft: Live Blog

Miikeee D.Correspondent IJune 26, 2009

Welcome to 50MC’s 2009 NHL Draft Live Blog. This is the second major live blog I am doing for hockey—the first one being this past season’s Trade Deadline, which was a big success.

Remember to have your drinks ready because we will be playing the drinking game as we watch intently tonight.

7:26 PMTampa Bay Lightning select Victor Hedman with the second overall pick. No surprise here. Duchene should go next and all the pieces are falling into place. Drink up for Lawton thanking Montreal and congratulating the Pens. Sounds like the rocket beside Hedman is his girlfriend. Nice.

My dad knows nothing about hockey, but just saw Hedman’s highlights and said that Hedman will have a bigger impact than Tavares in the NHL. He also said that someone must have ironed his cheek when he was a kid.

7:21 PM– Dreger reports that the Flyers are giving up Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa and two first round picks. A little steep, but Pronger is still an elite defenseman. Drink up as soon as Bettman announces it.

7:15 PM – New York Islanders select John Tavares with the No. 1 overall pick. YE HAW WWW! Long Island goes crazy and I have officially stamped my passport to be a citizen for Islander Nation.

A million drinks for Garth Snow thanking Montreal, live shots at Nassau, the draft pick, and of course, Peirre losing his mind.

7:13 PM - Drink No. 3 for the boo’s for Gary Bettman. Here we go.

7:10 PM– According to IslandersPointBlank.com, there are 8,000 people at Nassau right now for the Islanders’ draft party. They are chanting “JOHN TA-VA-RES!” On the big screen, whenever Duchene or Hedman are shown, there are booo’s. Second drink for the live shot at Long Island.

7:08 PM– Drink No. 1 for a live shot at Nassau. Take a second drink as soon as the Pronger trade is official. There are a ton of people at the Islanders’ draft party. Wow. Hockey could be back on the Island, depending on who the Islanders take.

I think the consensus for the fans is Tavares. People are starting to settle down on the draft floor—we are close.

7:05 PM– Dreger reporting a splash: Chris Pronger to the Flyers for probably Joffrey Lupul. Haha. Lupul goes back to Anaheim. But wow. The Flyers are instantly a big time contender in the East. With Pronger, they will probably take themselves out of the Bouwmeester sweeps.

7:00 PM – Here we go. Tavares, Hedman, and Duchene have great suits on. I like the gray with red on Duchene. He is already great improvement from yesterday when he had the short sleeve and tie. Stay tuned for my peice tomorrow about the great suits of the 2009 NHL Draft. Who is the rocket beside Hedman?

6:50 PM– 10 minutes to go until we finally find out who Garth Snow will select. I would take Tavares. How can you pass up a legitimate candidate for 40 goals a season? Darren Dreger reporting that Bryan Murray will not be able to trade Heatley before July 1st.

6:26 PMNick Kypreos and Doug MacLean says that they know John Tavares will be Garth Snow’s pick, but still nobody knows for sure. Sportsnet also reports that Jonas Gustafsson has taken Colorado out of the running. Down to San Jose, Toronto, and Dallas. While at TSN, Brian Lawton told Michael Landsberg on OTR that there is nothing on Vincent Lacavalier.

6:11 PM – Philadelphia has dropped out of the Ryan Clowe sweeps. Toronto, Minny and Los Angeles remain. The Sharks do not have a first round pick this year. Minny’s Josh Harding is in play. I would not want to trade Clowe. I think he is a necessary banger that the Sharks lack. Patrick Marleau is a better candidate to leave San Jose.

6:01 PM– Watching Dreger on Off The Record right now. Dreger has confirmed that the Kaberle deal is indeed off… for now. Dreger is growing some grays on the side of his hairline. Seems like the TSN gig is giving him some stress. I would have expected more grays from him while he was working with Bill Watters and Nick Kypreos at Sportsnet.

Darren Dreger believes that Garth Snow will shock the world and take Matt Duchene with the No. 1 pick. Chris Botta et al have already prepared for Duchene, rather than Tavares.

5:50 PM– According to Darren Dreger from TSN, the Kaberle-Kessel deal is off. That sucks. It is difficult to go through with a trade when it leaks out to the media in its early stages. Dreger also reports that Scott Niedermeyer will be back next season, making Chris Pronger expendable.

5:35 PM – Just got home and was listening to the Fan590 the whole way. It seems that Tomas Kaberle is as good as a Boston Bruin. The Leafs will get Phil Kessel and a second round pick, either this year or next.

This is a huge trade for both teams, but more for the Leafs. They get a young, talented goal scorer who could very well be the face of the franchise in a few years.

It is sad to see Kablerle gone because he was such an efficient player and a fan favorite around Toronto. Boston is getting a very talented player with a great amount of hockey sense. He did not shoot enough for Toronto, but now he won’t get pressured into doing it with Zdeno Chara at the other point. Boston now becomes a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.

If the Leafs can sign another goal scorer like Mike Cammalleri, as well as draft Brayden Schenn, Evander Kane, or at the very least, Magnus Svensson Paajarvi, they will be a much improved team with solid young offensive depth.

4:52 PM – Just getting ready to call it a day at the ole office. Roughly two hours away from the first selection in Montreal, and still nobody knows who is going No. 1. No trades to announce yet, but lots of scuttlebutt:

Chris Pronger seems to be on the market. Not too sure who is interested… the Dany Heatley sweeps have taken a backseat over the past day, mostly because the asking price is steep: two decent roster player, a prospect, and a pick. Throw in a $4 million bonus to Heatley on July 1st.

My dark horse pick to make some noise remains the San Jose Sharks. Apparently Ryan Clowe is on the market, with Pittsburgh and Toronto hot on the trail. Tomas Kaberle has likely played his last game in Toronto.

If the Leafs can get Phil Kessel without giving up their seventh overall pick, consider it a done deal. They absolutely need that seventh pick, if they want to move up in this draft to get Brayden Schenn or Evander Kane… something tells me that the Atlanta Thrashers are up to something.

By the way, what was Matt Duchene thinking wearing a tie with a short sleeve dress shirt? The only guy that makes that look good is Dwight Schrute.