Top 30 NBA Free Agents and Where They Will Sign In 2009

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2009

BOSTON - MAY 02:  Ben Gordon #7 of the Chicago Bulls heads for the net against the Boston Celtics in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at TD Banknorth Garden on May 2, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics defeated the Bulls 109-99. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The NBA's negotiating period for free agents begins July 1, and with the season finally over, I thought I would give my opinion on which free agents will sign with which teams.

30. Brandon Bass, Dallas Mavericks

Brandon Bass doesn't see much time behind Dirk Nowitzki which could lead him to finding another team to play for in 2009. In his third NBA season, Bass averaged 8.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and .7 blocks per game.

Don't count on him being back next season for the Mavericks, but he could receive a cheap deal that could bring him back.

Where he will sign: San Antonio Spurs

29. Leon Powe, Boston Celtics

Leon Powe might receive little playing time next year behind Kevin Garnett, but he's still an important part of the team, and he needs to remain a Celtic.

Where he will sign: Boston Celtics

28. Linas Kleiza, Denver Nuggets

Linas Kleiza is one of those players that shows up when you need him the most. He might not be a much factor for the Nuggets, but he's a good three-point shooter that Denver needs.

Where he will sign: Denver Nuggets

27. Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets

Chris "Birdman" Andersen came back from a two-year absence from the league, and made an instant impact on the Nuggets organization. I couldn't imagine him with anyone except the Nuggets next season.

Where he will sign: Denver Nuggets

26. Marcin Gortat, Orlando Magic

Marcin Gortat has the potential to be a very good player, but he won't be able to amount to much behind Dwight Howard, the Magic's star player. Look for Gortat to have a new team in 2009.

Where he will sign: Atlanta Hawks

25. Kyle Korver, Utah Jazz

Kyle Korver is mainly known for his ability to knock down three-point shots at a consistent rate. The Jazz will do all it takes to re-sign him so that they have a good bench scorer.

Where he will sign: Utah Jazz

24. Glen Davis, Boston Celtics

Glen "Big Baby" Davis became one of the better Celtics players during the playoffs with the Boston Celtics. He will likely be back to improve his game with Boston during the 2009 season.

Where he will sign: Boston Celtics

23. Wally Szcerbiak, Cleveland Cavaliers

Wally Szcerbiak used to be a very talented player, but he hasn't found his rhythm with the Cavaliers. He will likely not be re-signed because Cleveland simply doesn't need him next year.

Where he will sign: Miami Heat

22. Anderson Varejao, Cleveland Cavaliers

Anderson Varejao is a very inconsistent player, but he played well in place of the injured Ben Wallace.

Varejao's whereabouts are up in the air. If Cleveland trades for Shaq, Varejao likely won't be on the team.

Where he will sign: Cleveland Cavaliers

21. Eddie House, Boston Celtics

Boston has several three-point shooters and Eddie House is one of them. Boston needs to re-sign House for next season. He's a great shooter and defender.

Where he will sign: Boston Celtics

20. Nate Robinson, New York Knicks

The Knicks will have to decide whether to keep Nate Robinson or David Lee. Robinson could be the future starting point guard for the Knicks, so I see him back next season.

Where he will sign: New York Knicks

19. David Lee, New York Knicks

Like I said earlier, it will either be Robinson or Lee, and since Robinson stays that means Lee goes. Somebody would love to get him although he's undersized at the power forward spot.

Where he will sign: Toronto Raptors

18. Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns

Grant Hill is one of those players that sucks one night and the next night he gets 20 points and you think he's awesome again. I see him re-signing for a cheap one-year deal.

Where he will sign: Phoenix Suns

17. Charlie Villanueva, Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks won't let Villanueva go. He has started to become the talented player that most people expected him to be. Milwaukee could have a very talented team with a healthy Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd.

Where he will sign: Milwaukee Bucks

16. Jamal Crawford, Golden State Warriors

Jamal Crawford was acquired in a trade from the Knicks prior to the trade deadline during the 2008 season. The Warriors need to give it their best shot to try and re-sign him, but I doubt they do.

Where he will sign: Dallas Mavericks

15. Raymond Felton, Charlotte Bobcats

The former first-round pick for the Bobcats might have played his last game with the Bobcats. It looks as though D.J. Augustin will be the future point guard for the Bobcats.

Where he will sign: Sacramento Kings

14. Al Harrington, New York Knicks

Al Harrington will likely decide to re-sign with the Knicks because his contract is a player option. The Knicks traded Jamal Crawford straight up to get him.

Where he will sign: New York Knicks

13. Mike Bibby, Atlanta Hawks

Mike Bibby isn't the player that he used to be, but he still has some game left in him. He can still knock the three-point shot at a high rate. Atlanta should and will re-sign him.

Where he will sign: Atlanta Hawks

12. Trevor Ariza, Los Angeles Lakers

It's been a debate on whether the Lakers will re-sign Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, or possibly both. Ariza is much younger and seems to be about as good as Odom is. I see the Lakers re-signing Ariza.

Where he will sign: Los Angeles Lakers

11. Andre Miller, Philadelphia 76'ers

The 76ers should re-sign Andre Miller if they're smart. He's getting old, yes, but he still has gas left in the tank. Andre rarely misses a game, and he gives it his all every single game.

Where he will sign: Philadelphia 76'ers

10. Allen Iverson, Detroit Pistons

It's sad knowing that Allen Iverson isn't known as being one of the best guards in the league today. There is a good chance that he might retire, but I really hope not. With that said, Detroit won't bring him back.

Where he will sign: New Orleans Hornets

9. Paul Millsap, Utah Jazz

The Jazz will have to choose between Millsap and Boozer on who they re-sign. It looks as though Millsap is the favorite to stay with Utah next season.

Where he will sign: Utah Jazz

8. Shawn Marion, Toronto Raptors

Shawn Marion has moved around many times in his career, it's likely that he will be on the move once again. There will be some team that would love to have a good shooter on their team.

Where he will sign: New Jersey Nets

7. Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks

Dallas had a much better year than expected last year, and a lot of this had to do with how well Jason Kidd distributed the ball. They must re-sign him next year for a cheap deal.

Where he will sign: Dallas Mavericks

6. Hedo Turkoglu, Orlando Magic

As most of you know, Hedo Turkoglu has opted out of his contract to test the free agency waters. The Magic will have a tough time re-signing him, but I see them somehow getting it done.

Where he will sign: Orlando Magic

5. Rasheed Wallace, Detroit Pistons

Rasheed Wallace's stock has dropped a few notches, but he still has a deadly jump shot. Somebody will be willing to give up money to get a possible future Hall of Famer.

Where he will sign: Miami Heat

4. Ron Artest, Houston Rockets

The Rockets made a trade to get Artest from the Kings prior to the 2008 season. They have the money to pay him, and they will do so. Artest isn't going anywhere next year.

Where he will sign: Houston Rockets

3. Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers

The X-factor for the 2009 NBA champions is Lamar Odom, and he might not be back on the team next season. Expect Odom to go to a team that is close to being a championship contender.

Where he will sign: Portland Trail Blazers

Ben Gordon, Chicago Bulls

The Bulls front office has made it clear that they are intent on re-signing Ben Gordon for the upcoming season. Gordon is a great shooter, and I don't see him leaving Chicago.

Where he will sign: Chicago Bulls

1. Carlos Boozer, Utah Jazz

Like I said earlier, Utah must decide between Millsap and Boozer, and I have them picking Millsap. Carlos Boozer seems to be a good fit for the Cavaliers, and that's where I see him going.

Where he will sign: Cleveland Cavaliers

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