Kaka's Twitter Takeover with AC Milan on #AskKaka Gets Really Bland

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterFebruary 17, 2014

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 06:  Kaka of AC Milan celebrates his second goal during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Atalanta BC at San Siro Stadium on January 6, 2014 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Kaka is a fabulous footballer who has enjoyed a terrific career with club and country.

He's also, we should stress, one of the nicest guys in the game.

However, when AC Milan decided to do a Twitter takeover with the Brazilian, using the #AskKaka hashtag, the results were less than enthralling.

Unless, of course, you were particularly excited about Kaka's taste in music:

@acmilan #askKAKA What is your favourite singer ??

— CøOl Maŋ (@Kaka_HaMaKiLoVr) February 17, 2014

.@Kaka_HaMaKiLoVr I love music but I don't have a favourite singer! What's about you? I'm curious :) #askKAKA #twitterfairplay

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014

Astonishingly, Kaka likes music—but not enough to have a favourite singer. Now, you know.

What are you usually doing when you take a rest or holiday? @KAKA @acmilan #askKAKA #TwitterFairPlay 

— Marisa Dwi S (@isakocha22) February 17, 2014

.@isakocha22 @KAKA in my spare time I stay with my kids, I try new restaurants and I go to the movies! I also love travelling! #askKaka

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014

The man likes family, food and moving from place to place.

Are you enjoying playing under the new coach? #askKAKA

— Sam De Filippis (@SamFilippis) February 17, 2014

.@SamFilippis it's the first time a former team mate is now my coach.I'm so happy about it and I think #Seedorf will do a great job!#askKAKA

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014

To rephrase the question: "Have you got anything less than positive to say about the new coach who decides whether you play or not and is also a club legend?"

"Erm, no. No I don't."

@acmilan are you a good cook? and what is your favorite food in Italy? #askKAKA

— Twenty-Two (@sarardo) February 17, 2014

Hi @sarardo I consider myself a basic "cook" :-) My favourite Italian food is pasta! #askKAKA #TwitterFairPlay

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014
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Man in Italy enjoys pasta. What about when it comes to Japanese food?

Hello! I always watch the match of AC MILAN. I have a question. What is your favorite Japanese food?@KAKA #askKAKA

— フライ・アウェイ (@bonbonbon14) February 17, 2014

.@KAKA: @bonbonbon14 I love uramaki and ebiten tempura roll! #askKAKA #TwitterFairPlay

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014

You may only ever get one chance in life to ask Kaka something, but at least you now know that Uramaki ranks above Sashimi on the Brazilian's list of foods. You'll be prepared if he ever comes over to your house or indeed if you have to order for him at a Japanese restaurant.

@acmilan @KAKA Your favorite book? #askKAKA

— Zahra (@ILoveKakaSoMuch) February 17, 2014

Hello @ILoveKakaSoMuch! My favourite book is the bible! #TwitterFairPlay @KAKA #askKAKA

— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 17, 2014

Could have gone for Harry Potter.

Or, even better, Milan could have just asked Mario Balotelli to give the Q-and-A instead.


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