Why People Don't Like Randy Foye, and Why They Will Next Year

Timber WolfAnalyst IIJune 8, 2009

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 16:  Randy Foye #4 of the Rookie Team lays the ball up as he is surrounded by the Sophomore Team during the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge at NBA All-Star Weekend on February 16, 2007 at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the term and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

If anyone follows any of my articles, they will know that I am a huge Randy Foye and Timberwolves follower.

Randy Foye was brought to my attention in January of 2009, when the T'Wolves went 10-3 gaining wins over Golden State, Chicago, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Phoenix, L.A Clippers, New Orleans, and Indiana in February.

Although all teams were below 50 percent at the time, except for Phoenix and New Orleans, the Wolves displayed what can be looked for next year when Al Jefferson, Randy Foye, and Kevin Love are all on the same court.

Randy Foye's contribution in January and February were the biggest of his career.

In the month of December, the Timberwolves went 2-16, absolutely horrible. In December, Foye was averaging 16.6 PPG, while shooting .416 percent from the field, and .425 percent from three point range.

No timberwolves fan will forget the month of January, and yet, this is the only true shooting guard statistics that we can get from Randy Foye.


Because in the months of November and December, Foye acted as point guard, averaging six in the month of December. In January, Foye converted to the two guard position, and Telfair as the point guard.

In January, Foye created a buzz about himself, and everyone started to question if the Trailblazers did indeed give up a quality player, and indeed they did (even though they got one in return).

Foye's numbers remained the same in February and took a tragic turn in March.

In Febuary, Foye averaged 19 PPG and in March 14 PPG. There are many reasons as to why this happened, but there are only two particular reasons as to why.

1.  Injuries: Later, after the season was nearly over, Kevin McHale revealed that Randy Foye had been playing through a hip injury the whole month of March and halfway through February.

In February, he was able to play through, but in March it became a bigger problem when he also sustained a right ankle injury, limiting his bursts to the basket and balance on his jump shot.

2.  Scouting Report: After Jefferson went down, Foye was the main target.

He was No. 1 to guard and No. 1 to stop. Foye could not adjust to this style due to injurys and his limited movement.

Timberwolves fans can be glad to say that, when Foye is healthy, the Wolves have a very good two-guard.

As I read on and on about the Timberwolves, I read a lot of young analysts, such as myself, about Kevin Love, Al Jefferson, and of course Foye. I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of people that like him, and more people that dislike him.

Some are to the point where they say he's too inconsistent, and some are just saying he sucks all together.

Some are to the point where they are saying that he does not deserve another contract, and some are talking about wanting him traded for a pick in the draft.


That is outrageous!

Randy Foye is a huge part of the organization, and it would be absolutely dumbfounding to trade the player that is No. 22 of all time scoring for the Wolves in only three years.

Reasons Why People Don't Like Foye As A Point Guard Or Shooting Guard

(Reasons compiled from various forums read by me)

1.  Height: As a PG, Foye would be a monster.

He blocks other PG's shots and is great defensively against them. As an SG, he's on the short end of the stick, and he allows SGs to easily score.

He's made strides in his defense as of late, recording blocks and averaging 1.0 SPG.

2.  Inconsistency: In October and November, the guy averaged 12 PPG, in December 16 PPG, January and February 19 PPG, and March 14 PPG.

I understand we want to see Foye average 19 PPG through the whole season, but getting an injury really does affect your skills, so give him time and believe in him and he'll be better.

3.  Ego: WHOA!!!

The guy did not care to go in the game after scoring 26 points in the first half against OKC, because the only thing he was concerned about was the victory.

The guy has an EGO???


4.  He Got Traded For Roy: Will you stop putting Foye in his shadow?

Foye got traded for him, so what?

Get over it!

Foye is not Roy, and Roy is not Foye; they are too different players.

The way I see it, Foye is a good player and they are really underpaying him for how much he contributes. Foye was taken for their third year rebuilding strategy back into the playoffs.

Getting talent for less now, so old contracts will be off the books, so we can bring in more talent to compliment the talent we have.

5.  Denial: I have talked with people and I can name stat after stat, and they still will not listen.

I can say Foye can be a decent point guard because he averaged six in December, (which is decent) and they say no.

I say the dude can shoot three pointers, and they say no.

Stop being in denial and give the guy credit.

After all, he did help the Wolves win a lot of games with his fourth quarter performances, and let's not forget the 23 point, 14 assist, two steal,  and one block game he had to lead the Wolves to their first road win 11 games into the season.

6.  At SG, Guarding Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade: This straight pisses me off.

How in the world can you be mad at Foye for not being able to guard Kobe and Dwyane?


Those guys are unable to be properly guarded and can barely be slowed down.

Don't fault him because he can't do it...fault the NBA cause no one can.

What To Really Do With Foye

I'm going to say it time and time again—if the Wolves get a crazy good SG, I do not want to put Foye on the bench.

That is bad for business when Foye can play the point.

Foye admitted to himself in his latest interview that he has a lot of work to do, and he's going to do something that he has not done since his Villanova days.


Yes, He's going to watch hours and hours of game footage, and I believe he will be better. He's gotten better every season since his rookie, why wouldn't he do it again?

If the wolves draft or trade for a point guard, then Foye is going to start at SG.

You don't put the second leading scorer on the bench. I'm sorry but that only works when you have six to seven offensive options {(Spurs (Ginobili) and (Nuggets (Smith)}, and the Wolves only have four concrete options (Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Ryan Gomes, and Randy Foye).

Putting Foye on the bench would mean you would have to have a very, very good balance of offense and defense on the starting lineup. The Wolves, however, don't have either down pact.

So, until they do, Foye will start and most likely, when they do, Foye will still start.

Some people will say I'm overrating Randy Foye, but I say I'm sorry.  I can't overrate what I saw, and I saw a great player.

I saw a guy rain down three's in January, and I say him, on many a occasion, lead the team in scoring when Jefferson was there and be over 50 percent from the field.

Why You Will Like Randy Foye Next Year

1.  Scoring: There's no denying the guy can score.  Every year his average has went up, and I have a very good feeling that his field goal percentage will as well.

2.  Combo Guard: A guy that can play two positions, that's very valuable, and Foye will no doubt see playing time at both positions.

3.  David Kahn: Whether you like it or not, David Kahn and the Timberwolves franchise has recognized Foye as a cornerstone of the team. Randy Foye was asked for approval along with Al Jefferson (cornerstone) to let Kevin Love represent them at the lottery.

4.  Possible Point Guard Dishing The Ball: Foye can catch and shoot with the best of them. I'd hate to see a team leaving this guy open from a flashy pass by the future point guard.

5.  Better Defense: Randy Foye has shown signs of blocking critical shots down the stretch and averaged one steal per game last year.  He is developing into a great defense player.

I will say that by being 6'4'', he has to work that much harder to defend guys much bigger than him, and I think he knows that too.

So he will do it, and he'll be better at it.

In conclusion...Everyone will see why I think Foye is one of the keys to the bosses chain in leading the Wolves to the playoffs.

I tell you one thing, If Foye is traded...I'm willing to put money on it that if Foye averages over 30 MPG and he's healthy, he'll be a star.

Thanks for reading.


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