Summer Rae Announces She's Going to Be a Cast Member on Total Divas

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 27, 2014

Summer Rae, new Total Divas cast member.
Summer Rae, new Total Divas cast member.from

WWE valet Summer Rae has taken to her official Twitter account to confirm that she will, in fact, be part of the upcoming season of hit E! show Total Divas.

Addressing her followers, the star wrote on Sunday night:

Reports (F4Wonline via WrestlingInc) surfaced late last year that developmental star and Total Divas cast member JoJo Offerman was on "thin ice" with WWE.

Certainly, the idea of her being replaced for Season 2 wasn't a shocking one.

During her tenure on the show, the 19-year-old JoJo came off as a nice enough person, but ultimately not that interesting enough to hold anyone's attention.

JoJo, a bit of a flop on the main stage.
JoJo, a bit of a flop on the main stage.from

She may have been too young and/or inexperienced to truly know how to adapt properly to the wacky world of E! reality television. (Throwing a few loud temper tantrums or attempting to steal someone else's boyfriend would have at least gotten her noticed.)

There's no official word that she's out of the show, but her low profile over the last few months probably doesn't bode well for her. It feels like the company has simply lost interest in her. It's a shame, but not altogether surprising.

Summer Rae, star power in spades.
Summer Rae, star power in spades.from
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Former model Summer Rae, meanwhile, is a natural choice for the show.

She's got the good looks, feisty personality and star power to be quite the scene-stealer on Total Divas Season 2. It's incredibly difficult to see her coming off as an afterthought like JoJo did.

The 30-year-old will also be aided with the exposure that comes from being a featured cast member of one of E!'s most-watched shows. Her spot on the program could be the very thing that allows her to break through and become an established star in the Divas division.

Certainly, as Fandango's valet, Rae is being wasted (it doesn't help that Fandango doesn't seem to be nearly as over as he used to be). This could, and should, lead to much better things for her.

The second season of Total Divas is currently due to start airing in March, as Wrestleview mentions.