Hey Westbrook, I'm Ricky Rubio And I Want To Play Point, I Don't Think So!

Timber WolfAnalyst IIJune 2, 2009

BEIJING - AUGUST 20:  Ricard Rubio #6 of Spain falls during play in the men's basketball quarterfinal game against Croatia at the Olympic Basketball Gymnasium during Day 12 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 20, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The Oklahoma City Thunder has a tremendous chance of getting Rubio this NBA draft. Ricky Rubio has also stated that he does not want to go to the Memphis Grizzlies, so this is considering that the Memphis Grizzlies draft Hasheem Thabeet. So with Rubio available, the Oklahoma City Thunder will no doubt draft Rubio. That is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Why Rubio Playing Point Guard, and Westbrook Playing SG Is Disastrous.

Lets start with physics, Westbrook is only 6'3'', which is a perfect PG height. Ricky Rubio is 6'3'' as well, a perfect PG height. There is no way that Westbrook can survive playing the two guard. Westbrook has stated himself that he would rather play the point.

The reasons that Westbrook cannot play the two guard, for the simple fact is he is horrible at shooting the three-pointer. Westbrook had 15 games in which he shot at least 50 percent from the three-point arc, while most of them where only 1-2 attempts. He attempted at least one three-point shot in 67 games out of 82. As a two guard, he's going to have to be able to shoot the three-ball consistently, but in Westbrook's case, he has never been on "fire" shooting the three-ball, which he means he pure point guard.

As a two guard, Westbrook would have to be able to defend guards anywhere from 6'3-6'9. That is a large variety of heights, and while Westbrook recorded 1.3 SPG in his rookie season, he recorded 0.2 BPG, which is typical point guard.

Westbrook might be a SG at heart, but he's a PG at brain. The guy is great handling the ball, and he averaged 5.3 APG during his rookie season. He's also a great free throw shooter and has a knack like no other for drawing fouls. He had eight games in which he recorded at least 10 free throw attempts. He finished with a free throw percentage of .815 percent.

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Ricky Rubio

There is no way that putting Westbrook at SG would work with Rubio. Rubio is pure point guard, and with Westbrook being older, more experienced and possibly better than Rubio, Rubio would not see more than 20 minutes on the floor. Westbrook would see 15-20 minutes at SG, and 10-15 minutes at PG.

Rubio is the type of PG that can impact an offense as soon as he makes his way to the court. If I'm the coach of the Thunder, I'm saying "there's no way I'm going to let some European player who probably can't even play at this level, take the place of Russel Westbrook who's proven himself as a future elite PG". I'm sorry but the Thunder has a point guard, and his name is Russel Westbrook.

The Thunder has loads of money to spend on free agency, but I doubt that they want to spend nearly a third of it on one player that has not played at the U.S level consistently, or has a possibility of being a bust.

The Thunder although having a chance to get him, could definitely use a backup. But with Rubio being such a high quality player, he wants at least 20-35 minutes on the floor, which the Thunder definitely cannot give him.

If I have no choice to get Rubio in the draft, I'm looking at trades with Sacramento, Minnesota, and Golden State for a SG. Sacramento has guys like Kenyon Martin, Garcia, and Rashad McCants to trade, Minnesota has Mike Miller, Rodney Carney and Corey Brewer, and Golden State has Belinelli and Anthony Morrow.

Mike Miller, Kenyon Martin, Rodney Carney, and Belinelli are probably the most plausible of the selects. There are other SG's as well, but in the top lottery after the Thunder, that's about it.

Expect Westbrook to continue running the team, and Rubio to go somewhere else.

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