Wenger's Young Guns Should Copy Young Pep's Brilliant Barca

ZshanContributor IJune 2, 2009

Confession time: I’ve had this in my mind for long enough and current inactivity in Arsenal transfer speculations sector is driving me mad and delusional to explore territories unknown, so I seriously started to think and deliberately believe that Wenger’s Young Guns (WYG) should emulate Young Pep’s Brilliant Barca referred to as YPBB from hereafter.

Like any other Arsenal fan, I have a few ideas of my own of how we should play and ultimately…ahem ahem…who we should sign this summer etc. etc. What makes this analysis truly different from others is the application of a complicated scientific method known as COMPARISON... and some good old gut feeling.

Therefore, I am 98.53 percent sure, none of this is going to happen. If you are still interested… then it is one of those days!

On a serious note, my advocating of YPBB’s formation for WYG,s peaked because:

  • YPBB won a treble (Surprise!)
  • YPBB succeeded to beat English opposition that thrashed WYG very easily
  • YPBB achieved all this by playing attractive football that everyone in England deemed unsuccessful because WYG play such a game, supposedly
  • WYG failed to play the way they were supposed to play
  • I wonder if Wenger knows?
  • WYG personnel are too similar or even better than YPBB’s  in their formation(Remember COMPARISON!)

On a more serious note:

  • It is my gut feeling for god sake!

The point is we should play more of 4-3-3 and less of 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 or whatever.

The back four are… just back four so that has to do very little with formation expect we need a good one this summer. I won’t name names but HANGELAND… sorry couldn’t resist… is the best for the job. Anyway the rest of  6 players make the real difference and a big one.

What YPBB do is that they have a trio of midfielders and a trio of forwards. Among the midfielders two are attacking and one is defensive but all are technically very sound so everything revolves around them.

They simply pass the ball to each other endlessly whilst moving forward, the players around them create space for themselves, swapping positions, going forward, tracking back inside the diamond to kick an odd ball and ultimately space is created, ball is passed to a forward, one of the midfielder moves in the box too, two cheeky touches and the tired opposition picks the ball out of the net.

Arsenal used to do this in their glory days but with different formation which was due to the presence exceptionally cool Bergkamp and two natural wingers in Pires and Ljunberg. It can be argued that WYG failings might arise from deficiency of one or two quality bodies but it is more down to asking the same from a different set of players.

It must be noted that WYG don’t have any natural winger OR two midfield enforcers OR players of Henry and Bergkamp quality in the way they played their roles. But WYG are asked to do the same things their predecessors used to do. Maybe they are not meant to do it.

Ironically, YPBB don’t have a natural winger, their midfield duo of Xavi and Iniesta would be termed soft in England yet they have conquered everything in their way with considerable ease and style.  The secret to YPBB’ success includes:

  • Xavi who has a great pass, positional sense and is equally adept with or without the ball. Wait! this reminds me of someone…ahhhhh! Cesc Fabregas. No wonder they cannot play alongside in Spain because they are two similar.
  • Then they have Iniesta who can dribble and run with the ball out of a jigsaw puzzle and produce a killer pass or shot. Nasri did the same when moved inside the midfield and he was our best player over the two CL semi-final legs against Man. Utd. Rosicky and Arshavin can also play these roles.
  • YPBB have Eto, Henry, and Messi who are equally adept along the front line. While WYG forwards have been a dilemma to solve in terms of positions because there is no capable lone striker like Titi, there is no capable second striker like Bergkamp, Arshavin and Walcott have been deployed on wings to mixed results.

    While Arshavin has had some success and Walcott failed to leave the wing, it is widely held belief that both can offer much more if given more freedom. Our forwards need support to operate and support thay will get.

    We have Ade, RVP, Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, and Bendtner. A trio of any of these with some tuning of understanding in practice can be an explosive formula, maybe far more effective than YPBB.
  • Finally, they have a midfield enforcer, not brutal but a technical player in the mould of Yaya and Busquets. Song can be regarded our Keita but there is no Yaya, who we badly need.

    These have been discussions that we need a bruiser or playmaker like Cana, Guttuso, Mbia, or Alonso but I honestly believe we can do with decent player who can go and do the job in an unfancied way like Barry, Toulalan, and of course Yaya Toure.

    Frings is my pick though and a player who the speculators have bluntly ignored to link with WYG. So I speculate now and I am 1.47 percent sure he will be an Arsenal player in this life or afterlife! OR Cattermole anyone?

So some new innovations in practice, good knowledge of role being played, passion for the club, some good chemistry between players in midfield and attack can lead Wenger’s Young Guns(WYG) to glory.

As Wolfsburg front pair of Dzeko and Grafite indicated their friendship on and off the field led to their incredible goal exploits in BundesLiga, so I hope our players become Best Friends Forever (BFF) except Kolo Toure and William Gallas; I want them to be mean and hate each other.

After the incredible success of Young Pep’s Brilliant Barca(YPBB), I hope WYG shut their crap about playing dirty and do their job.

Moreover, I recommend to fantasize more as it kills time.


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