After Writing About Michael Vick, I Have a Changed View of NFL Fans

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IMay 31, 2009

Except for the odd article about Tennis, NASCAR, Horse Racing, Baseball memories, etc. I seldom venture off my MMA site.

I so seldom watch other sports that I have little interest in them.

However, being a person who reads the news every day and watches at least one newscast a day, and I am not just referring to the sports and comic sections; when I read a paper, it is the whole deal.

A lot has been written about the number of criminals, drug users, and other bad boys in National sports leagues; even if I wanted to, I couldn't miss it.

So being an American who has not been lulled into La La Land by all this drivel, I decided to use my Constitutional right to express my opinion on the Michael Vick situation.

There have been times in my past when I have talked to coaches and had conversations with pro athletes. In fact, I wasn't a senior citizen then and was still active at the time.

How refreshing to be talking to pros who called me "Ma'am" and treated me with respect, regardless of my opinion.

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Well! Color me clueless, because the response to my Op Ed piece on Michael Vick has brought me way too much attention from people who have harassed me and let me know that I do not deserve to have an opinion on "their sport," let alone have the gall to  publicly express it!

In the future, I will have much less respect for the NFL crowd and will be unlikely to read their articles even if invited.

How disturbing it is to be an elderly woman in poor health, who lives life via a laptop and gets the rude responses I have gotten because I "dare" to differ from them.

I have never been treated so roughly and continually harangued by people with whom I simply would not care to spend the time of day.

Most usually readers will express their opinion once, maybe even up to four times, but seldom have I been so besieged by bleeding hearts who think that they will be deprived of a legendary force in football if Michael Vick is not reinstated.

In my opinion, which I am being ostracized for much worse than Vick was for his crimes, Roger Goodell will not be cleaning up the sport or improving its image by bringing Vick back into the public eye.

I would not deprive Vick of a second chance in life; just not a second chance in the NFL.

My opinion that Vick would be a horrible role model for the youth who worship NFL players won't change under pressure from my critics here, and I hope Goodell has the guts to make a wise decision and stand by it, if he really hopes to accomplish anything as a Commissioner.

Just knowing that there are men out in the world who react as violently as the five or six that will not take their own advice to me and "let it go," is very disconcerting to a woman my age.

No, I did not think that the age of chivalry I was accustomed to experiencing in my 40s would go on forever, because in my opinion the whole world has gone to hell in a hand-basket since then.

But I would expect better sportsmanship and acceptance of other's opinions than what I am seeing from these jaded NFL fanatics.

To end my part in this futile war of words I will just say that I am a very stubborn, opinionated woman. I admit that I have high ideals and will not apologize for it. At the age of 63, I am unlikely to change either.

I believe that it was Rod Stewart that said in a song, "You can stand me up against the gates of Hell and I won't back down."

And in case it wasn't Rod, then let's go with Kris Kristofferson: "Everybody's got to have somebody to look down on, who they can feel better than at any old time they please, someone doin' somethin' dirty peaceful folks can frown on. . .if you can't find nobody else, then help yourself to me!"

Jesus was a Capricorn and so am I.

Get used to it.

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