2009 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Picks, Movie Character Edition

Ryan WinnAnalyst IMay 31, 2009

Each year, the NBA awards the 14 worst teams in the league with an opportunity to throw their names in a hat and see if they can claim the top spot in the draft. It's a golden chance to rebuild a shattered franchise, and the decision made by the club will impact the team for years.

Luckily for the 2009 lottery class, they have been given an opportunity to select fictional characters. The idea behind the bold move was to give coaches more tape on their prospects. It's also seen as an opportunity to grab a talent that somehow always hits the big shot at the buzzer and makes the most incredible plays.

Let's take a look and see how the lottery teams have molded their future this year:

1. Los Angeles Clippers—Buddy, Air Bud

Once again, Clippers fans have reason to hide in shame. Though there's an obvious superstar candidate at their fingertips, they take a chance on an unproven, raw, yet skillful canine.

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Los Angeles has already worked out a deal with their top pick, including an unprecedented guaranteed seven snack packs per year for six (or 42 dog) years. Godspeed, LAC.

2. Memphis Grizzlies—Michael Jordan, Space Jam

The Grizzlies pick their jaws off their floor (literally) long enough to get this selection in. Not only did Jordan fend off the Monstars with all odds against him, but he proved to be the only player in history to dunk from half-court. His supreme talent and leadership skills ought to push Memphis to a few rings.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder—Neon Boudreaux, Blue Chips

The Thunder need a big man to complement Kevin Durant, and Boudreaux, despite allegations of a recruiting violation, can lead the team to glory. Only problem is his shooting from the free-throw line, which could lead to teams hacking him.

It's a controversial move to take him no matter what, as word on the street is he has already began to question if Durant could win a ring without him.

4. Sacramento Kings—Jesus Shuttlesworth, He Got Game

Having so many voids to fill, the Kings elect a pure shooter to help rebuild the team. Shuttlesworth was the most sought-after high school recruit, and his tough upbringing due to his father's incarceratio, molded his character as a leader.

5. Utah Jazz (via trade with Washington Wizards)—Lewis Scott, Celtic Pride

For whatever reason, Utah really felt Scott gave them the best chance to upend Boston for a championship, so they dealt all their other picks away for him. Only a freak kidnapping could keep him from impacting this team.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves—Scott Howard, Teen Wolf

A Timberwolf inside and out, Howard has supreme athletic ability when game time rolls around. His ferocious play and intimidating stature should give Minnesota something to build on.

Check out how he does flips over defenders for dunks. How could the powers that be not take this "guy"?

7. Golden State Warriors—Kenny Tyler, The Sixth Man

The Warriors seem to be in need of divine intervention to get them back on the right track, and, for some reason, Tyler seems to defy all the odds. His seemingly extraterrestrial play leaves most in awe.

8. New York Knicks—Kenyon Stone, Coach Carter

With a pick that aroused a chorus of boos, the Knicks are taking a gamble on Stone. He was offered a scholarship to only Sacramento State and fathered a child before graduating high school, raising character concerns.

9. Toronto Raptors—Saleh, The Air Up There

Wary of current big man Chris Bosh taking off in 2010, the Raptors take the tallest man available. Coming from Africa, Saleh is a bit raw, but his incredible size should pay some sort of dividends. Besides, its not like he will be bolting for an acting career any time soon, right?

10. Milwaukee Bucks—Bill Murray, Space Jam

Playing for the same team as the sensational Jordan, Murray was said to be too old with skills too inferior to make it to the NBA. However, there is no question that Scott Skiles likes defensive tenacity, and that fueled this selection.

11. New Jersey Nets—Quincy McCall, Love and Basketball

In a rough neighborhood like New Jersey, why not get a guy with a softer side to help lead your team? It could really help in the stereotype department.

12. Charlotte Bobcats—Bobby Joe Hill, Glory Road

After he made history at Texas Western, the Bobcats take Hill to help bring a winning attitude to the team. Having played for Don Haskins, Hill should have no problem meeting the demands of Larry Brown.

13. Indiana Pacers—Jimmy Chitwood, Hoosiers

The Pacers take the route of selecting a hometown hero with a crisp shooting stroke to help them for the future. He is a little raw for this spot, but the Pacers could not pass on the PR buzz.

14. Phoenix Suns—Billy Hoyle, White Men Can't Jump

With Steve Nash and Brook Lopez already on the floor, the Suns look to make history by having the most white players on the floor at a time since 1960.

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