Why Everyone Needs To Stop Making Excuses for LeBron James

Eric KaneCorrespondent IMay 31, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - MAY 30: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers sits on the court after being fouled by the Orlando Magic in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2009 Playoffs at Amway Arena on May 30, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

It amazes me how the media and the fans who ride the bandwagon loyally still manage to seem so biased.

In what was a series I predicted, the Orlando Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2 in their best of seven series. I'd like for everyone to go back and re-watch or even read all the hype for the Cavs this year, most of it as recent as their last playoff win against Atlanta to advance.

There was absolutely no mention at that point that LeBron didn't have any help. There was no mention of how they needed to add more elite players. They had the best record in the NBA coming into the playoffs and absolutely stomped Detroit and Atlanta.

Suddenly after losing a series, LeBron needs more help? Maybe people should stop making excuses for LeBron.

Maybe people should start realizing LeBron James isn't as good as people make him out to be.

In Game Six, Delonte West had 22 points on almost 50 percent shooting. Mo Williams had 17 on 50 percent shooting. Varejo had 13 points on 5-7 shooting. Zydrunas didn't show up at all and neither did Wally, but that can happen on any given night, more often than not.

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Before the game, I pointed out to my friend that LeBron James doesn't play that well on the road. Yes, he still gets his stats (mainly because I swear he guns for them, as evidenced by some of his teammates deferring rebounds to him), but his shooting percentages are awful. He shot 8-20 from the field in Game Six and 7-11 from the line.

The excuse? Fatigue. Yes, he plays long minutes, but no one made that excuse last year against Boston when he almost beat them. Again, it's an excuse.

So I told my friend that LeBron would have a bad game and the media would make excuses for him. Sure enough, the announcers and people on SportsCenter said he was tired. Three of his other teammates were in double figures, one of them over 20 points, shooting a very high percentage, but he didn't get any help? That's ridiculous.

Yes, he put up amazing numbers this series. Yes, he played really well for the most part, but he also lost a few games by turning the ball over and not hitting free throws down the stretch. He also had a lot of blown covers and switches on defense, which can very easily lose you a game.

Earlier, Mo Williams was credited as being a great player and a huge reason as to why Cleveland improved so much. Now? He's garbage, apparently. Delonte West, never really given a lot of credit but played above his usual numbers? Garbage, too.

All excuses for "LBJ".

No matter what I write here, people will defend "King James". I understand that. I do, however, take comfort in the fact that he won't be playing again until November after that pathetic display in which he walked off the court like a two year old without giving acknowledgement to the better team.

I hope they make another MVPuppet commercial where Kobe evicts LeBron and holds up four cookies this time. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world and LeBron James only fueled that fire by coming up short, yet again, in the playoffs.  

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