B/R Interview: Colin Kaepernick Dishes on 49ers Offense and Improvement Areas

Tyson Langland@TysonNFLNFC West Lead WriterDecember 3, 2013

Nov 17, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) warms up prior to a game against the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
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McDonald’s and Xbox teamed up with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to help promote its Xbox One holiday contest. Kaepernick helped kick off the event this past Tuesday when he showed up at the local San Francisco Ronald McDonald House. In addition to showing up, he surprised the children and families with an Xbox One console and games.

However, the Xbox One holiday contest not only benefited the kids and their families, but it benefited McDonald’s customers as well. From the third of December until the 23rd, consumers will have a chance to win an Xbox One console when they purchase one of McDonald’s' Premium McWraps, Quarter Pounder burger or medium fries.

After a long day at the Ronald McDonald House, Kaepernick was kind enough to take a moment out of his busy schedule to sit down with Bleacher Report and converse about his affiliation with the contest. Furthermore, the third-year signal-caller touched on the 49ers offense and the weapons in San Francisco’s arsenal.

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Bleacher Report: What made you want to be a part of the McDonald’s-Xbox One holiday contest?

Colin Kaepernick: Being a part of the Ronald McDonald House, the opportunity to win a Xbox One and the contest as a whole, was huge. It was a great opportunity for me to give back to the families and kids while helping them during the holiday season.

B/R: Why is it important to give back to the community of San Francisco?

CK: To me, it's huge to give back to the kids and families.

Growing up in a smaller town, when you had older people to look up to as a kid, really meant a lot when people would take the time to help me out or even say hello. So, if I can do the same and help brighten someone's day or help them change their perspective and have a brighter outlook, I want to do that. McDonald's and XBox One gave me a chance to do that.

B/R: Why has the 49ers’ passing attack struggled this season? Right now, you guys tout the 31st-best pass offense in the league.

CK: I wouldn't say there's anything directly related to our struggles. We are trying to do what we can to win games, whether it's run or pass.

B/R: How can San Francisco’s offense improve on third down?

CK: We have to execute better when we have the opportunities to make plays.

B/R: What area of your game do you think needs to develop the most?

CK: I'm trying to improve on everything. As a team we are trying to improve on everything as well. If we keep doing that, we will be fine. We will move forward.

B/R: As it stands right now, what is your comfort level in running such a complex offensive scheme? Did you have to scale the playbook back when key players like Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree were out of action?

CK: I'm very comfortable with what we are doing. We haven't had to scale anything back. We are just trying to move pieces around to get people where we want them to be.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JANUARY 12:  Quarterback Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates with wide receiver Michael Crabtree #15 after running the ball for a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in the third quarter during the NFC Divisio
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B/R: Why hasn’t rookie tight end Vance McDonald been more involved in the passing game? He’s running a lot of the same routes as Delanie Walker did, but you’re not finding him as often as you found Walker.

CK: Part of it is just the progressions and what the defense is giving us and where the opportunities are.

B/R: What does Michael Crabtree’s return mean to you, personally?

CK: He's a huge part of our offense. He's a playmaker, and to have him back down the stretch will be big for this team.

B/R: Why have your postgame press conference answers become so short? Usually, your answer is broken down into one sentence quips.

CK: It's an opportunity for me to answer the question, but I don't have to give intel as far as what the team is trying to do or where we are trying to go.

B/R: Is there a quarterback in the NFL you’re particularly close with?

CK: It depends on where you are and who you are with. During the offseason, I train with Tyrod Taylor. He is someone who I became close with and pretty good friends with. Obviously you're going to have more time with the quarterbacks on your team, so you're going to be closer with them.

B/R: Which quarterback has helped you become a better quarterback over the years?

CK: The one quarterback I watched was Brett Favre. He did so many things well and played with such a passion. He was someone I always admired.

B/R: Who was your favorite NFL player growing up?

CK: My favorite player growing up was Brett Favre. He was always someone I enjoyed watching.