The NXT Report for Nov. 20, 2013

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2013

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The Nov. 20 episode of NXT saw the returns of two of the developmental brand's top stars as NXT Champion Bo Dallas and former No. 1 contender Sami Zayn appeared on this week's broadcast.

What would the rivals have in store for one another, and what would interim NXT General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield have to say about Zayn, who was serving a suspension?

More importantly, what announcement would Layfield have that would play heavily into the night's festivities?

Find out now in the NXT Report for Nov. 20, 2013.

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Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla.

Broadcast Team

Byron Saxton, William Regal and Alex Riley

Match Results

Sami Zayn def. Leo Kruger in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match at 4:45

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Adrian Neville def. Aiden English in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match at 4:45

Hunico and Camacho def. John Hornigan and Chris Rothwell

Kassius Ohno def. Tyler Breeze in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match at 4:48

Alexander Rusev def. Colin Cassady in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match at 5:33

This week's broadcast featured several Beat the Clock Challenge matches, all with the intent of crowning a new No. 1 contender to Bo Dallas' NXT Championship.

Alexander Rusev continued his dominance over the roster by defeating the 6'10'', 276-pound Colin Cassady in impressive fashion.

Kassius Ohno, in one of his final NXT appearances, caught resident supermodel Tyler Breeze napping and rolled him up for a win.

Both of those Superstars had set the time to beat prior to the night's final two bouts.

Controversy abounded late in the broadcast as Adrian Neville pinned Aiden English at 4:45 and, minutes later, Sami Zayn tied the time when he defeated Leo Kruger with a roll-up.

The matches on this week may have been limited in terms of time by the Beat the Clock gimmick, but every one of them was action-packed and fast-paced.

Angle Advantage

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Zayn spoils Dallas' homecoming

The rivalry between Sami Zayn and NXT Champion Bo Dallas continued this week as both men made their long-awaited returns to the show.

After being reinstated to the roster by interim NXT General Manager JBL, Zayn made it clear that he intends to challenge Dallas for the title one more time, and when he does, he will become the new NXT Champion.

JBL responded by giving Zayn and several of the other top NXT stars a chance to earn a future title shot by announcing a Beat the Clock Challenge series for the night's program.

The segment established that the Zayn-Dallas rivalry will continue into the weeks and months to come while, at the same time, wrapped up the Zayn suspension angle and welcomed two of the top stars in the brand back to the program.

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Did Bayley just make a threat?

The lovable, somewhat awkward Bayley is easily the most friendly of the NXT Divas, so when she makes a threat, even if it is with a smile on her face, it makes everyone take notice.

That is exactly what happened this week when she discussed Charlotte's betrayal from last week with new backstage announcer Devin Taylor.

Bayley capped off her brief talk by promising that, next week, she was going to let her fists (or, as she put it, "these bad boys") do the talking.

It was clear that she was hurt following Charlotte's shocking heel turn on the Nov. 13 episode, and it will be interesting to see if future matches between the two bring out a more intense, angrier style from Bayley.

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Lana no like Ohno

Moments after setting the new time for the Beat the Clock Challenge, Kassius Ohno joined new backstage announcer Dan Devone.

Ohno put over how much his win over Tyler Breeze meant to him because it allows him the chance to regain confidence as he prepares to make a run for the NXT Championship.

He would be interrupted by Lana, the social ambassador for Alexander Rusev. The beautiful blonde Russian was not happy with the fact that Ohno had eliminated Rusev from contention for the title opportunity and let him know it.

Ohno, channeling his inner Boris, mocked her accent and told her to inform Rusev that, when he wins the NXT title, the massive Bulgarian Superstar can have the first shot.

As we know, Ohno did not earn the title shot thanks to Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville, but he may have set himself up for a future match against Rusev, which very well may have championship implications.

Whether it does or not remains to be seen, but it is nice to see Ohno involved in something meaningful as his time with NXT winds down.

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Hunico and Camacho return, stake claim to tag team title shot

It took only 24 seconds for Hunico and Camacho to make an impact following a lengthy absence from NXT as they defeated two enhancement talents. In a post-match interview with Devin Taylor, Hunico called out NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension.

Later in the show, the champions accepted the challenge, but no date was announced for the match.

Hunico is a very talented in-ring performer who probably deserves to be featured on the main roster and would be had an injury not sidelined him for nearly a year.

Camacho and he are a serviceable tag team who should make for suitable challengers at a time when NXT's tag team division is absolutely depleted.

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Match of the Week: Adrian Neville vs. Aiden English

For the second consecutive week, Adrian Neville starred in the best match on the show.

While none of this episode's matches were given time to build or tell stories, the lightning-fast Neville and star-in-the-making English delivered a competitive, entertaining match that was won by Neville following his breathtaking Red Arrow finisher.

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Star of the Week: Bo Dallas

The returning NXT Champion was hilarious in his presentation of his world tour photographs. He has grown into such a detestable, delusional heel that every time he steps in front of a camera, he steals the segment.

As the hated champion fans cannot wait to see dethroned, he has been outstanding, and this writer, for one, cannot wait to see him defend his title against either Zayn or Neville in two weeks.


Another strong show from the NXT crew. JBL's no-nonsense approach to the general manager role has added to the show and eliminated the screwy finishes and overly complicated controversy that have plagued Raw over the last four months.

The Bo Dallas title reign is one of the most entertaining aspects of any of WWE's programs, and the Beat the Clock Challenge went a long way in showcasing the importance of the championship to the Superstars of NXT.

Bayley is such a fresh, unique character, and to see her potentially take center stage in a feud with the brand's resident mean girls should be tons of fun.

Aiden English delivered his strongest performance to date this week and has the makings of a major star for WWE in the years to come.

The most sure-fire star for the company, however, is Alexander Rusev, who carries himself with a presence that lends itself to WWE programming. The addition of the mysterious, gorgeous Lana has significantly enhanced the act.

It should be interesting to see how far he can climb up the ladder before he is promoted to the main roster.

On Tap

The only thing officially announced for next week's show is the Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn match to determine the No. 1 contender to Bo Dallas' NXT title.

Bayley teased that she may get her hands on the Beautiful Fierce Females, and The Ascension has accepted the challenge of Hunico and Camacho for a match. But, the date of that match has yet to be revealed.