Kane and the 6 Most Bizarre Corporate Allies in WWE History

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 14, 2013

Kane and the 6 Most Bizarre Corporate Allies in WWE History

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    Kane, trading in his mask for a suit, became the latest unexpected ally to a WWE corporate authority figure.

    Aside from being the Director of Operations, Kane is a monster for Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to unleash onto the WWE roster. As strange as it is to see him in his new garb, an executive who wears a most unsettling glare, he's not the first odd partner a McMahon has aligned with.

    A psychotic man with an affection for sock puppets, a tattooed man who enjoyed crawling on all fours and a group of cheerleaders have also been surprising corporate comrades.

    How much of a mismatch are they with the corporate world? How unlikely were they to be a goon for the McMahons? The answers to those questions determine how Kane, Mankind and others rank in the most bizarre corporate allies in WWE history.

6. Spirit Squad

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    In a world of warriors, brawlers and monsters, The Spirit Squad was a bizarre addition to the WWE family in general.

    The clan of male cheerleaders aided Vince McMahon during his feud with Shawn Michaels and D-Generation X. They won the tag team titles and were appointed Co-General Managers of Raw, providing the muscle for McMahon.

    While most of the Superstars who made this list did so because of their dark characters, Nicky, Mikey and friends earn their way here by being odd choices for goons. There are few things less intimidating than cheerleaders, regardless of how much they outnumber their opponents.

    Still, compared to hiring a man who once set Jim Ross on fire as Director of Operations, McMahon's alliance with The Spirit Squad is not as shocking. Those cheerleaders seem far more acceptable to any board of directors.

5. Mankind

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    When Mick Foley ditched his Hannibal Lecter-like mask and began using his real name, he was a far less odd fit as a partner to the McMahons. At WrestleMania 2000, Foley joined forces with Linda McMahon in a battle between the McMahons.

    Before that, the disturbed Mankind was one of Vince McMahon's key soldiers.

    Mankind saw Vince as a father figure, trying to befriend the owner of the WWE by visiting him at the hospital, for example. Mankind soon became Mr. McMahon's puppet, or so it appeared, as the brawler asked to prevent The Rock from winning the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1998.

    Mankind's psychological issues made him an odd fit for a corporate partner, but at that point in his career, he was malleable and controllable like a tamed animal. The men above him on this list were either even stranger than him or had a longer, more violent history.

4. Viscera and Mideon

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    Mankind could be reasoned with. Under all the psychosis, he was Mrs. Foley's baby boy. The demonic tag team of Viscera and Mideon, on the other hand, was an unstable force that aligned with The Corporation.

    In 1999, The Corporation merged with The Ministry of Darkness to form The Corporate Ministry.

    Disney merging with Pixar, this was not. The executives in control of WWE were now partnered with a group who enjoyed satanic-like rituals.

    Trying to imagine Mideon with The Undertaker symbol drawn on his forehead and tattoos covering his arms or Viscera with his monstrous eyes in a corporate board room is difficult to do. These two were among Vince and Shane McMahon's most volatile partners.

3. Kane

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    Kane looks the part of a corporate partner more than Mankind, Viscera or Mideon.

    Even dressed like an executive, though, he exudes an unsettling energy. His violent history is a big part of that.

    To hire Kane as Director of Operations after he once electrocuted Shane McMahon's testicles, kidnapped Lita and set his own brother on fire inside of a casket is a risky and surprising move. One could argue though that those incidents happened a while back and he has since undergone psychiatric treatment.

    As scary as Kane is now, he's not quite as imposing now that we've seen him hug it out with Daniel Bryan on live TV.

2. Umaga

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    Vince McMahon recruited Umaga as his top goon.

    Umaga's striking appearance alone was an odd enough juxtaposition to McMahon's business attire. Umaga's tattoos, girth and predatory stare made him a convincing monster. Kane would stun a board room into silence, but Umaga may have had men and women fleeing the building.

    He came off as far less human than Mankind or Kane, a beast at an executive's disposal. He seemed even less controllable than Viscera and Mideon. 

    Shane McMahon partnering up with his upper-class buddies from childhood or Vince enlisting the help of his corporate stooges, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco made perfect sense, while the Vince and Umaga partnership was a stunning sight.

    Only a man more sadistic made an odder fit as a corporate ally.

1. Undertaker

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    When Undertaker led The Corporate Ministry with Shane McMahon, he hadn't shown us his softer side like Mankind or gone to anger management classes like Kane.

    Instead, the executives who joined his side had recently seen him hang Big Boss Man from the roof of the Hell in a Cell and tie Stephanie McMahon to a cross before kidnapping her.

    As much as people may argue that corporations are evil, it would still be shocking to see Wal-Mart hire Lord Sauron from Lord of the Rings as CFO. That's what this partnership was like, especially considering that Undertaker had so much bad blood with the family he was now in business with.

    Kane's current position isn't as odd a fit as his brother at the height of his darkness, working side by side with the owner of the WWE.