20 Athletes Who Score on Their Own Team

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2013

20 Athletes Who Score on Their Own Team

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    The dreaded own goal. Is there anything worse?

    In the world of sports, few things are more embarrassing than scoring on your own team. One bad bounce, one bad deflection and, suddenly, you're the scapegoat that puts to shame all scapegoats.

    Scoring on your own team, believe it or not, isn't always inexcusable. Sometimes, the scoring is a result of a freak accident, a terrible bobble, a deflection that—nine times out of 10—goes anywhere except in the net or through the hoop.

    Here, we have the 20 greatest examples of terrible, terrible luck—or, in some cases, pure idiocy.

Rasheed Wallace

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    Rasheed Wallace's most embarrassing moment came during a largely embarrassing year that he spent with the Boston Celtics.

    'Sheed was going up for a defensive rebound, and the big man got a little bit too excited because, instead of grabbing the ball and holding onto it for all he was worth, he somehow got his hands on it and put it right back on the rim.

    Sadly for him, it went in. And even more sadly for him, it gave the Bulls a three-point lead instead of a one-point lead in the fourth quarter.

Wind (Goalie)

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    There is terrible luck, and then, there is this.

    It's one thing when the goalkeeper's arm or hand or chest or leg deflects a goal into the net. It's another thing when the wind does the job for you.

    This goal almost defies the laws of gravity. Almost. The keeper starts out by making a nice save, then, tries to boot it out of the box. Instead, the wind seizes the ball in midair and sends it right back into the net, past the keeper, who was too befuddled to even make a move to stop it.

Sabres Tally Two Own Goals in One Game

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    Scoring one own goal in a game is bad. Scoring two own goals—in the same game—is unbearable.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Buffalo Sabres!

    It hasn't stopped pouring in Buffalo for a while now, but one of the worst moments for this struggling team came last April when two unlucky deflections off two of his teammates made Ryan Miller a very angry man.

Jonathan Quick

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    From zero to hero, and then, back to zero again.

    It was only just over a year ago that Jonathan Quick led the L.A. Kings on an unlikely postseason run that culminated in a Stanley Cup and, for him, a Conn Smythe.

    Now, in 2013, Quick has come right back down to earth. Everyone makes mistakes, even him; he somehow scored a goal on himself during a routine clear on a power play, awarding the Rangers a short-handed goal.

Bernard Parker

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    An own goal during the regular season is a bummer, but whatever, it's the regular season.

    An own goal that ends your nation's World Cup aspirations is just about as much of a bummer as you can fathom.

    Last June, South Africa's Bernard Parker scored the winning goal—for Ethiopia—on an errant header in the 70th minute. Ethiopia kept its spot at the top of Group A, while South Africa was headed home for good.

Dan Hamhuis

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    When your power-play unit blows an opportunity to give your team the lead, it's fine. You're not going to score every time you're on the man advantage.

    But, you probably shouldn't be scoring on your own net, either.

    Vancouver's Dan Hamhuis pulled the most boneheaded of all boneheaded moves earlier this season when he somehow scored on Roberto Luongo from behind his own net.

This High Schooler

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    Most own goals are an accident, right?

    Wrong in the case of this kid, who probably should be barred from all competitive team sports for the rest of his life.

    During a boys' high school hockey game in Minnesota last season, senior goalie Austin Krause intentionally scored on himself from behind the net, tying the game at 2. Then, he proceeded to skate off the ice while giving his bench the finger.

Renzo Reanos

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    I guess sometimes, when you're playing soccer and you're in the heat of the moment, your instincts take over, and you just kick the ball toward the net, whether you're in front of your own or the opponent's.

    At least that's what Peru's Renzo Reanos tells himself.

    For a reason that still remains unknown, the Union Comercio player faced an open net after the closest Universitario player tripped himself while trying to get off a shot, but unfortunately, Reanos gleefully sent the ball past his own astounded goalkeeper. His moment of realization is high comedy, though.

Mark Borowiecki

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    The Senators got off to a rocky start this season, and nothing epitomizes that better than this moment.

    The score was deadlocked at 2 in the third period of a game against Dallas earlier this month, and all Mark Borowiecki had to do was clear the puck away from his net.

    Instead, he sent it into the net on an errant backhander. Click here for the video, if you can stomach it. 

Carmelo Anthony

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    He may be one of the best players in basketball, but NBA life hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for Carmelo Anthony.

    Especially this season. Not only did the Knicks lose a home game to Charlotte, but Anthony actually helped the Bobcats' cause.

    Late in the fourth quarter, New York was down 93-89 when Anthony went up for a rebound and accidentally tipped it in. Woof.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Benedikt Howedes

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    Bad luck for the Germans. Great luck for the Americans, though!

    In an international friendly early last summer, the U.S. had a 1-0 lead on Germany when Germany keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen stepped in to cough up a goal by scoring on himself. Ter Stegen meant to clear a pass from Benedikt Howedes, but he couldn't quite get his foot on it and, instead, tapped it past his own goal line.

    Germany would go on to lose the match 4-3.

Ryan Suter

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    The only thing worse than tapping in an own goal with your stick is kicking it in with your skate.

    Bad Ryan Suter.

    In 2011, the former Predators defenseman and current member of the Wild helped the Ducks pull within a goal with less than a minute remaining in the third period when a shot deflected off his skate and into his own net.

Nobuhiro Sugawara

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    When it's the Men's World Ice Hockey Championships, the score is deadlocked at 3 late in the third period and you really need a win, the last thing you want to do is score on your own team.

    Poor Nobuhiro Sugawara.

    Not only did the Team Japan player knock in a cross-crease pass on his own goalie, but he actually celebrated it—until he realized what he had done.

Marin Skrtel

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    When the pressure intensifies, so, too, do the mistakes. That's the only way to explain how Slovakia defender Martin Skrtel scored on his own team during a World Cup qualifier against Greece earlier this month.

    Skrtel passed the ball back to his keeper, but he put a little too much on that pass because Jan Mucha couldn't corral it. Skrtel could only watch in horror as the ball shot past his keeper and into the net, giving Greece a 1-0 lead.

Jaroslav Halak

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    First-period jitters? Must be it. That must be how Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak scored on himself in November 2010.

    There was no score in the first period of a game against Detroit when Halak, facing pressure from the Red Wings, attempted to swat the puck away. Instead, he used his stick to swat the puck directly over his glove-side shoulder for the Red Wings goal. 

Matt Turner

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    It takes a lot to get yourself into the top-five worst own goals. You have to do something truly appalling, like deflect the ball into your own net with your chest.

    When Fairfield faced Iona last month, Iona sent a shot on net that deflected off the crossbar and went straight up into the air. Fairfield's Matt Turner camped out under the ball in an attempt to catch it. Instead, he jumped up, and it bounced off his chest and directly into the net.

    Iona won 2-1.

Nic Wallin

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    In order for this own goal to have been avoided, all Nic Wallin would have had to do was pay attention. Just a tiny bit.

    In 2011, during a Capitals-Hurricanes game, the refs called Washington for a delayed penalty. While the Hurricanes were waiting for the whistle, they pulled goalie Cam Ward. Unfortunately, Wallin was unaware of that development, because he tried to send a pass back to his netminder, not realizing that his netminder was no longer in the net.

    Count that as a goal for the Caps.

James Young

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    Thank you, James Young, for kicking off the college basketball season in style.

    The Kentucky freshman certainly started off his career with the Wildcats in an interesting way. Last week, in an exhibition game against Montevallo, Young was trying to make a valiant hustle play. He raced to the sideline, trying to save the ball from going out of bounds, and when he got the ball, he sent a no-look pass behind his back before falling into the first row.

    His pass, however, went right into his own hoop.

    Well, it's the hustle that counts.

Xinjiang's Entire Team

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    Own goals tend to befuddle the perpetrator's teammates. If the goalie isn't the offender, he is usually so appalled by the fact that one of his own teammates did something so dumb that all he can do is stand there and watch the ball or puck go by him.

    That was not the case in this Chinese National Games U-20 semifinal matchup. In this case, there were three different Xinjiang players who contributed to one of the very worst of the own goals.

    First, one Xinjiang player, standing in front of his net, tried to clear the ball with a header. Then, one of his teammates attempted the same feat, except from closer to the net. Then, the ball hit the ground, went backward and trickled toward the goalie, who was just so flummoxed by the fact that the ball ended up close to him that he missed, and the ball went past him for a Liaoning goal.

    The worst part? Liaoning ended up winning 1-0.

Marc Bergevin

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    How does this happen? No, really. How does this happen when you are a player in the National Hockey League?

    In 2011, St. Louis' Marc Bergevin scored perhaps the most egregious own goal in hockey lore when he attempted to knock down a puck right outside his own net. Instead of just knocking it down, though, he grasped it in his glove and threw it into his own net for a Sharks goal.

    How does that happen?


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