Kane as Director of Operations Will Overcomplicate Storylines

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2013

Kane stole headlines at the conclusion of Raw as he debuted a corporate look. Kane's current business-formal attire represents the polar opposite of the big red monster gimmick that has come to define him.

The new look is a refreshing change to Kane's character, and given the longevity he was able to sustain as a cliched monster heel, the future looks promising for corporate Kane. 

Kane's position as Director of Operations, however, is already a bad omen for what could be a compelling character. 

WWE continues to book over the heads of wrestling fans during The Authority saga. Talk of extortion, defamation and bland legalese is a counter-productive method of drawing interest in a fight. With Kane being given a fancy corporate title, his character seems destined to confuse more than compel. 

WWE already has an abundance of figure heads. Vickie Guerrero is the SmackDown General Manager by name. On camera, she's a spineless servant and a microcosm of what has happened to the majority of characters throughout The Authority angle. 

Guerrero was once a game-changing manager with Heyman-like abilities to get talent over. Now, she is presented as an afterthought with Triple H and co. making it a point to underscore her incompetence.

Brad Maddox is the puppet General Manager of Raw. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer. Stephanie McMahon serves as another high-ranking official. The Board of Directors is an anonymous counsel that flexes its muscles every now and then. All of this has come before mentioning WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. 

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With so many allies and subordinates being slapped with paper authority titles, why is a Director of Operations needed? To direct fans through the traffic of a crowded corporate structure? 

Hopefully Kane's new figurehead duties don't endow him with the now watered-down authority to book matches. Several on-camera suits and blouses in WWE already have this power.

The WWE App gives fans this same power. At this rate, the only person without the ability to book a match will be the timekeeper.  

When speaking of the decision to appoint Kane as Director of Operations, Triple H lazily explained to Michael Cole "[Kane] asked for an opportunity, like I said, I gave it to him."

A secretary of defense or head of security would be a more intimidating title fitting of Kane's size and perceived qualifications. Kane's current role will put him in danger of quickly drowning in a sea of tailored sport coats and dress shoes. 

At this juncture, the last thing this authority storyline needs is more authority. 

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