WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Twitter Reaction and Highlights from Nov. 4

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 5, 2013

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Twitter Reaction and Highlights from Nov. 4

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    Survivor Series received its first announced match thanks to Monday's WWE Raw.

    It was an episode that built around Big Show's lawsuit against the WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Much of the undercard excelled in entertaining while building up Superstars, but the main event segment limped home.

    The Wyatt Family's feud with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk escalated, Ryback reverted back to his bullying ways in the catering-area routine and Randy Orton and Big E. Langston pulled off the match of the night.

    The following is a look at all the results, the highlights and a breakdown of what worked and what flopped with the first Raw in November.

CM Punk vs. Luke Harper

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    CM Punk sought revenge against The Wyatt Family for ambushing him last Monday.

    Punk attacked first, frantically throwing punches, but Luke Harper soon overpowered him. Bray Wyatt shouted out instructions as Harper clocked Punk in the jaw and squeezed his head in his grip, performing his trademark gator roll.

    Harper grunted and growled as he pounded on Punk.

    "The Best in the World" managed to battle back and mount some offense, but fighting the big man clearly took a lot out of him. It took a roll-up and a bit of luck for Punk to get the win.

    The Wyatt Family quickly pounced on the victor, clobbering him until a bandaged Daniel Bryan came out and started swinging a steel chair. The Wyatts backed off, leaving the fan favorites in the ring.   


    Punk wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "This is not exactly what you call an old-time, scientific wrestling match" - JBL.

    Punk flies outside the ring to crash into Erick Rowan.

    "Punk should have just kept on rolling and headed for the back" - Jerry Lawler.




    This is the most we've seen of Harper since he's been on the main roster. He was mighty impressive, coming off as a dangerous brute.

    The excellent opener gave Punk a taste of revenge, but it wasn't a decisive victory. This leaves their issues unsolved. Punk and Bryan's expected alliance looks official, likely leading to a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

Paul Heyman Interview

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    Michael Cole interviewed Paul Heyman on the phone.

    Heyman explained that he was now in Europe, traveling with his doctor and recovering from the beating CM Punk gave him at Hell in a Cell. Heyman rattled off a long list of injuries, including a nasal fracture and facial swelling.

    He spoke tearfully about his relationship with Punk and said he was disappointed in his former friend. Heyman began to cry and then hung up.


    Heyman sells his injuries.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Wouldn't take me that long to hang up on you, Michael" - JBL to Michael Cole.




    Heyman was whiny, weaselly and made the audience uncomfortable. It's a wise move to sell his injuries like this, making the beating from Punk more significant.  

    We're not likely to see Heyman on TV for a while. Curtis Axel will be most hurt by it since Heyman was a highly entertaining element to his matches.

Great Khali vs. Ryback

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    A bullying incident backstage where Ryback crushed a cupcake into Hornswoggle's face led to this match.

    Great Khali dominated the bout, elbowing Ryback in the corner and slapping his chest with his mammoth hand. Khali dished out more offense than we've seen him from in a long time. 

    Still, Ryback survived, knocking over the big man with a meat hook clothesline for the win. Ryback then moved on to tossing Santino Marella into the barricade and gloating about it.


    Ryback wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Hornswoggle loves cupcakes—look at him" - JBL.

    "He may have a Khali-flower ear" - JBL on Ryback.




    Going from feuding with John Cena to getting an almost fluky win against Khali is a huge step down. Khali looked decent compared to his usual outings, but he was still plodding and uninteresting to watch.

    It appears that Ryback is headed back to his backstage bullying angle, which has potential, but not if it includes Santino, Hornswoggle and Khali on a regular basis.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

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    Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston traded quick blows early, a loud kick getting Del Rio the early advantage.

    Kingston had a few bursts of his typical offense, but this was about Del Rio being angry over losing the World Heavyweight Championship. He mocked Kingston's hand gesture and shook the ring with a German suplex.

    Del Rio continually kicked Kingston's head like he was trying to send it through the uprights.

    One of Del Rio's enzuigiris missed and Kingston dropped onto the former champ's back for a close two-count. It seemed as though Kingston would possibly upset Del Rio, but he fell victim to the Cross Armbreaker.


    Del Rio wins via submission.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Kingston overshoots a flying flip on the outside but doesn't appear to get injured.

    "I guess he's Ghana's greatest export" - JBL on Kingston.




    Rather than have Del Rio just run over Kingston, WWE wisely had the two deliver a more even match. Del Rio showed off his viciousness and looked like a dangerous opponent, but Kingston got in enough offense to make the match competitive.

    A few of the spots seemed sloppy, and the match was a touch short, hence it not quite earning an A grade.

Big Show Lawsuit Recap

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    WWE ran through the Big Show story, attaching clips of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H abusing the big man to portions of his lawsuit, including examples of discrimination, slander, defamation, breach of contract and extortion.

    Shots of McMahon slapping him, implying that his wife isn't satisfied with his performance at home and mocking his gigantism were among the flashbacks shown.

    Michael Cole brought up Big Show being banned for life several times throughout the night.




    A lawsuit may not be the most thrilling thing to ever happen on a WWE program, but the segment was a simple and effective way of summarizing the current rivalry between Big Show and Triple H. 

    These video clips made Big Show's lawsuit far less abstract and did well to remind us why he's so furious at Triple H.

    The grade is for the first time this was shown, but the entire segment was replayed in the third hour of the show, which certainly isn't the way to reward fans who watch Raw from beginning to end.

Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston

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    Randy Orton channeled his inner Rick Rude, proclaiming that the women in the crowd were all fantasizing about him. He claimed that whoever the voters on the WWE app chose to be his opponent would just be his next victim.

    Big E. Langston won the vote, and it wasn't close.

    Langston took Orton's initial attack and responded with a shoulder block that flung Orton to the ground. A few shots to Orton's gut had the WWE champ wincing outside the ring. Orton was constantly on guard, fending off the explosive powerhouse.

    Orton managed to slow the pace, stomping on Langston's ankles and keeping him down with a chinlock.

    After toying with Langston, Orton went for the RKO, but Langston exploded out of it and toppled Orton with an impressive clothesline. Orton later landed the RKO, but the talk was about Langston's showing. 


    Orton wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "You think by choosing my opponent, it empowers you?" - Orton to the audience.

    "Langston writes his ticket tonight" - Michael Cole.

    Langston knocks Orton off the apron onto the security barricade.




    Orton's excellence is no surprise, but Langston's performance was the kind that gets fans talking and viewing him as a legitimate threat to the top dogs.

    This is the best Langston has looked. The fans were buzzing during his offensive flurries in a match that was the most thrilling one of the night.

Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Natalya and Tyson Kidd

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    Tyson Kidd returned, teaming with his now-wife, Natalya. He sped around the ring, kicking Fandango and hitting a number of high-flying moves. Summer Rae's screeching distracted Kidd enough for Fandango to get the advantage momentarily.

    Kidd countered the flying leg drop into the sharpshooter, while Natalya kept Summer Rae at bay.


    Kidd forces Fandango to submit.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Love is grand, but divorce is 100 grand" - Jerry Lawler.




    WWE has just whisked away the idea that Great Khali and Natalya were an item and now acknowledges Kidd and Natalya's real-life relationship, which means there will be far better mixed-tag matches.

    Fandango was delightfully over the top, but this match was too short to fully emphasize Kidd's return. After nearly a year without seeing his exciting in-ring style, you would think WWE would have had him do his thing just a bit longer.

Damien Sandow Interview

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    Sandow in happier times
    Sandow in happier times

    Renee Young interviewed Damien Sandow, asking him his thoughts about failing to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank contract on John Cena last week.

    He talked about being stripped of everything and how he's become a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    Zeb Colter and The Real Americans interrupted him to hype the six-man tag match latter in the show. Colter talked about this being a land of opportunity. He claimed that Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger were the most dominant tag team in the company.


    Sandow states his intentions of pursuing Cena.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "The thought of my pride as a man being taken away from me" - Sandow.




    Sandow gave a solid promo here, playing up how failure is affecting him. It appears that WWE is going to shift his character into a more focused, angry version of himself.

    WWE is also clearly setting up for a title match between Cody Rhodes and Goldust against The Real Americans at some point.

John Cena, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Damien Sandow and The Real Americans

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    Before the bout began, John Cena gave a speech about breast cancer awareness and acknowledged a group of breast cancer survivors in the audience.

    Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio sat at the announce table and bickered as Cody Rhodes started out against Damien Sandow. The Tag Team champs displayed good chemistry to begin with, keeping their foe in the corner.

    It was soon Antonio Cesaro and Cena who went at it, Cena nailing him with the fisherman's suplex.

    After a commercial break, the heels took control, keeping Cena away from his partners. Swagger, Sandow and Cesaro took turns beating on the World champ. Cena escaped Swagger's Patriot Lock but soon tasted a clothesline.

    A frantic ending saw everyone get involved.

    Cesaro swung Goldust, Rhodes knocked Sandow over with a moonsault and Cesaro crashed into Colter on the outside. The fan favorites came out on top, surviving the chaos before Goldust slammed Cesaro's head to the mat.


    Goldust pins Cesaro for the win.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Michael Cole is a gringo, by the way" - JBL.

    Cesaro rocks Cena with a European uppercut in midair.




    A slow match built to a thrilling finish.

    Sandow looked impressive against Cena, especially because he was the only one to go after Cena's bad arm. There was some standard tag team strategy throughout, with the heels isolating Cena for much of the bout.

    The Real Americans and Sandow aren't hurt much by the loss, as they were in control most of the time, and the chaotic end could have gone either way. 

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Segment

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    Big Show, despite being banned for life, appeared backstage. Stephanie McMahon revealed that the WWE Board of Directors demanded that she and Triple H settle their issues with Big Show to avoid a lawsuit.

    Triple H was clearly frustrated about his lifetime ban only lasting a few days.

    Vickie Guerrero went to go set up the meeting, but Big Show refused to meet in their office. He wanted to hash this out in the ring.


    Triple H sets up a meeting with the Big Show.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "This is bigger than us" - McMahon to Triple H.




    This did well to set up the final segment. The sudden inclusion of the WWE Board of Directors hurts the story some, but announcing a forced confrontation had the suspense build.

    It would have all felt more powerful had there been a week in between the ban and this settlement moment, but it was a solidly acted segment that made fans curious about how things would end up. 

Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel

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    Curtis Axel, without Paul Heyman in his corner, returned to action after an injury kept him out of action during Battleground.

    He controlled the action against Dolph Ziggler, dragging him by his hair and knocking his head back with a fantastic dropkick. Ziggler got back on the offensive, fighting off Axel and clubbing him in the back before landing the Zig-Zag for the win.


    Ziggler wins via pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Maybe he caught some kind of European flu" - JBL on why Heyman sounded like he was crying on the phone earlier.




    This short match had potential, but it didn't have enough time to truly get going. Axel looked aggressive, and Ziggler had some impressive counters.

    The announcers played this defeat off as Axel being lost without Heyman, which ups Heyman's value, but such a quick loss doesn't do much for Axel's momentum.

    WWE announced that he will defend the title on Wednesday's Main Event against Big E. Langston. It certainly feels like the company is moving toward taking the title off Axel.

The Usos vs. 3MB

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    Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre double-teamed their way to the advantage early. McIntyre raked his arm against Jimmy Uso's chest while applying an armbar.

    After a bit of showboating, McIntyre got a close-up view of The Usos' boots. Moments later, The Usos landed their superkick-splash combo for the victory.


    The Usos win via pinall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "He'll have more witnesses than Jehovah" - Jerry Lawler on Big Show. 




    3MB did enough to prevent this from being completely one-sided, but there was little suspense about how this would play out. McIntyre showed flashes of what he could do in a better role, but most fans will forget about that.

    The story is about The Usos getting an easy win after losing out in some tough battles recently.

The Bella Twins and Eva Marie vs. Tamina Snuka, AJ Lee and Aksana

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    Brie and Nikki Bella teamed with Eva Marie to take on Tamina Snuka, AJ Lee and Aksana.

    Nikki hit a sunset flip, Brie knocked AJ off the apron and landed a nice dropkick.

    Tamina kicked everyone within range, taking control momentarily. She missed a splash from the top rope, leaving her vulnerable for the rookie.

    Marie used a schoolboy to get the pin on Tamina.


    Eva pins Tamina for the win.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Brie hits a dropkick from the top rope.




    Tamina looked good when allowed to knock folks around, but this was a hurried mess. 

    There was little flow to the action—just opponents trading moves and charging toward the finish. After Eva's embarrassing debut, WWE had her limited to a single move.

    Brie has been improving as of late, but fans didn't get to see much of that. The short match did little to showcase any of the Divas.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Big Show Segment

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    Big Show sauntered down to the ring to meet with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in a suit, grinning. Triple H offered him money, but he demanded that he instead get his job back and get a WWE Championship match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

    Triple H and McMahon traded being the cooler head while trying to negotiate with him.

    In the end, Triple H had to give in, and Big Show made him tell the audience that the giant now had a title shot several times in a row. This led to Triple H booking an impromptu handicap match that pitted Orton and The Shield against Big Show.

    It was more of an assault than a match, with Big Show fighting them off a few times but ending up the victim of being outnumbered. Kane came down to the ring without his mask and dressed in a suit. He handed the heels chairs.

    The Shield sent Big Show through a table with McMahon sneering in the background.


    Big Show gets a WWE title match and his job back but ends up crashing through a table.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "You want to stand here and trade sophomoric barbs?" - Triple H to Big Show.

    "Get the hell out of my ring before I leave you lying in a puddle of your own blood" - Triple H to Big Show.

    "A mugging disguised as a match" - Michael Cole.




    The segment dragged on. Big Show was corny here, rubbing it in the faces of Triple H and McMahon too much. 

    There was little energy crackling throughout these events. Perhaps it was just too easy for Big Show to take control of The Authority the way he did, or perhaps the thought of a Big Show vs. Orton bout is so unappealing that it deflated this story before it could reach its climax.

    Having this new corporate Kane is a good idea, but the other parts of this story feel like WWE simply swapped Daniel Bryan with Big Show in the angle that's been running over the past few months.

    For a main event moment, this disappointed.

    WWE has a few weeks to amp up the spark for this title match or else fans aren't going to buy into it.

Post-Raw Notes

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    After Raw went off the air, WrestlingInc.com reports that "medics tended to The Big Show while the heels posed at the top of the ramp."

    Alberto Del Rio then challenged John Cena to an impromptu World title match. Cena clowned around before the bout, mockingly announcing Del Rio's name in the Ricardo Rodriguez style. The match was short and ended when Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for the pin.

    Cena thanked the fans and said that the "fans' cheers are his real theme music."