Chase's Lists: Five Cities I Would Like To See Have Title Success

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

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Well it is championship season once again, the NBA and NHL Playoffs are in the Conference Final stages, the European soccer leagues are wrapping up and so is the UEFA Champions League, and every year there is the one team that breaks its fans heart by losing after another year of high hopes.

Yesterday I wrote a article on the five cities I love to see lose, here is a more optimistic list.

5. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has had pro sports in its city for a long time, with the MLB's Royals and the NFL's Chiefs, each which have had runs of success, mostly in the 1985-94 era, when stars like Joe Montana and Christian Okoye for the Chiefs, and George Brett and Bo Jackson of the Royals were bringing in wins for the Kansas City faithful.

With the Royals winning the 1985 World series over their in-state rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals.

But times have changed, the Royals have been in the AL Central basement ever since the core of their 90's team left, and while the Chiefs had some minor success when Dick Vermeil was coaching, they are now joining the Royals in the basement of their division, the atrocious AFC West.

It appears that the trend may continue, but the Kansas City fans always hope for a return to the promised land.

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4. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is relatively new to the whole losing thing, the Leafs, despite not winning a Stanley Cup since 1967, are in the top five of Stanley Cup wins, and the Jays won back to back titles in 92-93. But since then it seems a dark cloud has been looming over the fifth largest city in North America.

From the under-performing Jays squads, to the overpaid Leafs teams, the Raptors losing almost every star who has been drafted to their city, the city of Toronto has finally felt the sting of defeat and heartbreak.

There is hope in Toronto though, The Jays are in first place, the Leafs are rebuilding with young talent, and the Raptors despite a disappointing season, have a good shot at the playoffs next year.

So in summary, don't feel too sorry for Toronto sports fans, because for every stretch of agony, they always find the glory of victory.

3. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is a great small market city with two major pro sports teams, each have experienced more than their fair share of heartbreaking losses.

Whether it was the Bills three straight Super Bowl losses in the Early 90's or the Sabres struggle to win the Stanley Cup, it seems like Buffalo sports fans are the rabbit chasing the carrot.

Lets hope that the addition of Terrel Owens to the Bills can get Buffalo back to the playoffs, and give their long suffering fans something to cheer about.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Their place in this list might be solely because of the Cubs and Blackhawks, but hear me out. The Bulls have been cellar dwellers for the most part since MJ left, the Cubs have the longest running streak without a title in pro sports, and the Blackhawks haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1961.

While the White Sox may be the source of glory in Chi-town, the rest of the teams have been far from glorious.

But like most of the teams on this list, things are looking up. The Cubs have a powerhouse lineup, the Blackhawks are in the Western Conference Finals, and the Bulls pushed the defending champion Celtics to a seventh game in one of the best playoff series of all-time. While they aren't going to win this year, look for a Boston-like string of success in Chicago. Did I mention the Bears have a quarterback?

1. Cleveland, Ohio

The Shot. The Drive. The Fumble. it is safe to say that John Elway and Michael Jordan shouldn't go to Cleveland any time soon, because these players terrorized the Browns and Cavs in the 80's and well, losing is still the trend in Cleveland as they have not won a title since 1964.

That is 45 years of futility. There have been nine different U.S. Presidents in that time, we have advanced as a race, but we have not developed a cure for clevelands losing.

But yes the trend as we have found a cure, and his name is LeBron James. The Cavs are in the East Final and will likely be making their second Finals appearance this decade, the Indians have Sizemore, and the Browns have had moderate success.

Look for King James to end the drought, and perhaps start a different streak, in the long suffering city of Cleveland.