Do Philadelphia 76ers Fans Really Need to Panic?

James Senbeta@@BetaGetsBusyCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

Ok so, the 76ers do not have a coach as of yet, or have a starting point listed for the 2009-2010 season, or have a way to rid themselves of Samuel Dalembert without a cap hit this offseason. Still it’s not like they are the L.A. Clippers, are they?

Though not disclosing much to the public Ed Stefanski has kept his word of searching high and low for a new head coach, and it’s doubtful he will be done until right before the draft.

He also has to worry about how far the 76ers are over the salary cap. Since there is not a hard cap whatever amount the team has that is about $9 million over the salary cap an equal amount of that is given to the league and dispersed to teams below that mark.

Considering that the 76ers have a hard time filling the seats during the season (23rd of 30) there is loss revenue and profit for the team. Point blank, Philadelphia is not like the L.A. Lakers and can’t afford to go into luxury tax land.

Instead the 76ers want to stay under that magical sum of $70 million for the next season. Andre Iguodala is due to make $11,822,625 and Elton Brand has $14,858,472 owed as well.

That comes to $26,681,097 for the two of them alone. Then we can add in $4,750,000 for Louis Williams, $4,860,000 for Reggie Evans, $3,682,000 for Willie Green, $2,434,681 for Thaddeus Young, $1,757,137 for Jason Smith, and $1,658,280 for Marreese Speights.

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Eight players for $45,823,195 on the estimation of salaries is pretty good salary cap management thus far. Of course, the NBA requires 13 players on each team and guarantees an average of 14 players per team in the league, which is how many the team carried last season.

The 76ers have one draft pick at No. 17, which is valued $1,514,280, bringing the salary cap to $47,337,475 for nine players.

Then sign three veterans for the league minimum at $825,497 for next season tallying to $49,813,966 for 12, great cap management.

So can the 76ers re-sign Andre Miller?

That depends on if he accepts less than $10 million, his current salary. And considering Miller is looking for a final big payday with some sun this is highly unlikely.

But let’s say Miller decides to take a pay cut, we have another huge problem…

And its name is SAMUEL DALEMBERT!

Sammy is due to make $12,125,694 in 2009-2010 and $13,012,823 in 2010-2011, and has become untradeable due to high salary compared to his skills.

No team has wanted to touch him when Stefanski tried to trade him before, and probably will not interest a trade until he becomes an expiring contract in the 2010 offseason. If Miller wants to stay he’ll have to take slightly under $8 million.

So what to do about the point-guard situation?

Louis Williams is an option, so are some restricted free agents and draft choices covered in another article.

If the 76ers decide to select via the draft, they could package Willie Green with the No. 17 pick to get into the mid-to-late lottery selections. They could go as high as Minnesota at number six since they have three first round choices.

The 76ers could go shooting guard, but who would be the floor general. If you already don’t like Iguodala then you will not like this next sentence.

If the 76ers do not acquire a point guard, Iguodala (5.3 assists second to Miller’s 6.5) would run the point with a qualifying 2-to-1 assist to turnover ratio last season. Still want to draft that shooting guard?

And for those who suggest tanking the team for a shot at the first overall pick ask Sacramento if it was worth being the worst team in the league. The team has to be horrendous to deserve a top five pick, and a team that can make the playoffs without one of their better players does not qualify.

Are you really a fan if want a team a piece or two away from the next level to tank? I guess that is another discussion for another time.

In the end it is best to just have patience and be prepared for what could happen next season.

Hey, greater miracles have happened before.