Chase's Lists: Five Cities I Would Like to See Never Win a Title Again

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IMay 23, 2009

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Well it is championship season once again, the NBA and NHL Playoffs are in the Conference Final stages, the European soccer leagues are wrapping up and so is the UEFA Champions League. Once again a perennial champion, that I hate for doing so is going to win a title, it just happens, so here are the five cities I would love to see never win a title.

5. Manchester, England

I know we all live in a North American sports market, but the EPL is the biggest soccer league in the world, and the most watched. The Red Devils from Man U have won the EPL Championship more times than any other club. Combined with the countless domestic and league cups, Man U seems to never go through a rebuilding stage, and they let you know about it. Here is to hoping Barcelona teaches them a lesson in the Champions League Final.

4. Dallas, Texas

I may not have to dream about this one as the city of Dallas hasn't won anything of significance since the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in 2000. Dallas is the city of excess, the have extravagant stadiums, extravagant players, and most of all extravagant owners.

I think everyone is on my side when I say that Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban are up there on the most hated owners list. Top that off with the Americas Team nickname with the Cowboys, and you have yourself the number four most hated city.

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3. New York, New York

This pains me to say, since I am a Giants fan, but I would love to see New York enter a sports abyss. The Yankees and Mets are big spenders who gouge the fans and don't pay them back. Don't get me started on the whole call your team New York while playing in New Jersey thing.

New York media also always think their teams are better than they really are. I wish Old Yankee Stadium was open so the real fans could see their mediocre lineup of overpaid underachievers, same with the Mets.

2. Los Angeles, California

This really can only go towards the Lakers and USC, because they are the only teams that ever seem to win anything, but L.A. really pushes my buttons. Well I don't mind their teams, it is the fans and the celebrity atmosphere at the games that gives me a sick feeling.

Also USC seems to cheat the NCAA Rule and seems to go unpunished while continuing their tradition of being Los Angeles' only professional football team. Combined with the Dodgers, it seems like there is a lot of cheating going on in the City of Angels, and as they say, cheaters never prosper. Lets hope that motto stays true for say, the rest of my lifetime.

1. Boston, Mass.

Now here comes Public Enemy Number One. The Celtics won one title and they are back on track as an unstoppable force? The Patriots are a dynasty? The Red Sox are still love-able losers?

Boston sports fans love to see their teams in a certain light. Plus like L.A., they continue to ignore their teams cheating ways. Also Boston is another city that is never happy unless their team wins the title.

Plus I just cannot get into cheering for their vanilla players. It seems that if you play in Boston you have to be a wholesome, uninteresting kid of guy. They also never pay attention to the Bruins until the playoffs start, much like their leader, ESPN.com writer Bill Simmons, who is the ultimate symbol of a Boston sports fan.

He is a fan who when they lose, seems to bring up past glory.

Boston lets hope your entire city gets cursed by the Babe, and your whole city goes one hundred years without sniffing a title.


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