2009 NBA Mock Draft: Post-Lottery Edition 3.0

RealSportsTalk Contributor IMay 23, 2009

Version 2.0

Well, a few days after the lottery, the draft order is finally set with the Clippers finally having some luck, and now, let's get started! An asterisk(*) represents a changed player or team.

1. *Los Angeles Clippers - PF/C Blake Griffin, Sophomore, Oklahoma

The Clippers will have a talented and athletic combo with Thornton, Gordon, Davis, and Grffin, and also potentially DeAndre Jordan. The team definitely needs to look to ship one of their big men, preferably Randolph.

2. *Memphis Grizzlies - *PF Jordan Hill, Junior, Arizona

Draftexpress.com has him as the next rebounding Chris Wilcox, however, NBAdraft.net has him as the next Chris Bosh. Either one brings explosive offense and refined rebounding.

The Grizzlies will have a sure quick answer with Jordan to their problems in toughness, length, and rebounding. He can also provide versatile offense down low, and he has great athletic ability.

Remember: the Grizzlies have enough offensive weapons, and Conley has been improving over his time in Memphis. The Grizzlies were last in the league in rebounding last year.

3. *Oklahoma City Thunder - *C Hasheem Thabeet, Junior, Connecticut

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What? Three big men taken with the first three picks? Well, the Thunder need a defensive presence down low. With development, Thabeet could be the next Dikembe Mutombo.

However, in 2006, the Thunder(Sonics) invested in a center with their 10th pick in Mohammed Sene. He has not turned out likewise, thus, Thabeet might be passed here and instead a distributor would be taken.

4. *Sacramento Kings - *PG Ricky Rubio, International, Spain

The Kings need Rubio's defense rather than Jennings' offense here in their rebuilding process. With Jackson expiring, the Kings will need a quick answer as a backup PG.

Then, Rubio can be developed into a starter, and Udrih can be moved back to backup PG, where he has had success.

5. *Washington Wizards - *PG Brandon Jennings, International, Spain

With Arenas constantly having injuries, the team needs insurance. Jennings can bring that as another scorer/slasher. If Arenas is fine and healthy, they can always either trade Jennings or move Arenas to the 2.

The Wizards though, are looking to shop their No. 5 overall pick, so, a different team might be taking over at this slot come June.

6. *Minnesota Timberwolves - *SG James Harden, Sophomore, Arizona State

The Wolves redeem themselves after trading O.J. Mayo last year and select another scorer with Harden this year. The Wolves need a pure slashing scorer, and Harden will bring that. Not to mention, he has excellent defense and overall skill-set.

7. Golden State Warriors - PG/SG Tyreke Evans, Freshman, Memphis

John Callipari has done a great job of raising combo guards, and Evans looks like a finished project.

Although he has poor decision making, He seems almost like a clone of a bigger Monta Ellis to me. The Warriors will have no backup PG next year, and if Jamal Crawford decides to reject his player option, likely no starting SG either. And then you have Evans.

8. New York Knicks - PG Ty Lawson, Junior, North Carolina
Yes, they have Duhon and Robinson. But if you ask me, both of them are career sixth mans. Also, in 2010, they will have no PG, and there aren't many star quality ones available by then.

By then, they can develop Lawson into a starter, make him a cheaper priced T.J. Ford or so, and leave the rest of the money to finding LeBron or Wade or Bosh or whatever. Now, I'm pretty sure the Knicks are looking to shop this pick anyways though.

9. Toronto Raptors - SG/SF DeMar DeRozan, Freshman, South California

Of course. The Raptors need that athletic wing. Wing depth has been their problem for years. DeMar DeRozan can be the next Vince Carter. Who would be better to replace insanity with?

10. Milwaukee Bucks - SG Gerald Henderson, Junior, Duke

With Redd and Jefferson likely gone in 2010, take a player that combines characteristics of them both to cover for them in the future. Some of his offensive skills need refining, and again, the Bucks can up them by 2010. Also, he has good defense.

11. New Jersey Nets - SF/PF Earl Clark, Junior, Louisville

The Nets seem set with their bigs in Lopez and Yi. They must be content with Harris running the show.

What they truly need is a starting SF. And here comes Earl Clark. Here's a guy that has the necessary tools to succeed, especially on this young and rebuilding Nets team.

12. Charlotte Bobcats - PG/SG Stephen Curry, Junior, Davidson

With Felton likely leaving, the Bobcats need a backup PG. Curry will provide that role until Raja Bell leaves in 2010. Then, he can slide over to SG, hopefully as a top tier scorer by then.

13. Indiana Pacers - *PG/SG Jrue Holiday, Freshman, UCLA

With Tinsley not playing, Jack expiring, and Deiner likely to reject his player option, the Pacers will be in need of a backup PG. Jrue Holiday, who draws Rodney Stuckey Combo-Guard comparisons will provide good linage off the bench.

He's unselfish, a good defensive player, and should be a star by the time Ford expires in 2010.

14. Phoenix Suns - SG/SF Terrence Williams, Senior, Louisville

Williams' transition play will fit the Suns. He will also provide needed wing depth and of course, very, very needed defense, especially in a division with Kobe Bryant, Kevin Martin, Stephen Jackson, Al Thornton, and Eric Gordon on the wings.

He will also provide three point shooting, in which the Suns have been falling in that department.

15. Detroit Pistons - PF DeJuan Blair
16. Chicago Bulls - SG Wayne Ellington
17. Philadelphia 76ers - PG Jonny Flynn
18. Minnesota Timberwolves - SF/PF Austin Daye
19. Atlanta Hawks - PF James Johnson
20. Utah Jazz - SF/PF Sam Young
21. New Orleans Hornets - SG/SF Chase Budinger
22. Dallas Mavericks - PG/SG Jeff Teague
23. Sacramento Kings - SF/PF Sam Young
24. Portland Trailblazers - PG Eric Maynor
25. Oklahoma City Thunder - PG/SG Nick Calathes
26. Chicago Bulls - C B.J. Mullens
27. Memphis Grizzlies - PG Darren Collinson
28. Minnesota Timberwolves - PF/C Gani Lawal
29. Los Angeles Lakers - SG Marcus Thornton
30. Cleveland Cavaliers - SF/PF DaJuan Summers

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