2009 NBA Mock Draft: Blake Griffin Or Ricky Rubio to The Clippers?

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IMay 22, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 21:  Blake Griffin #23 of the Oklahoma Sooners runs upcourt during their second round game against the Michigan Wolverines in the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament at the Sprint Center on March 21, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Sooners defeated the Wolverines 73-63.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

1. L.A. Clippers- Blake Griffin, Power Forward, Oklahoma

The Clippers have Zach Randolph to play at power forward, but his character issues have steadily crept up on him. Blake Griffin is the consensus No. 1 overall pick, and that is the way it should be.

NBA Comparison: Antonio McDyess

2. Memphis Grizzlies- Ricky Rubio, Point Guard, Spain
The Grizzlies will look to send Mike Conley Jr. to another team. He has been labeled as a bust since they drafted him from Ohio State. Ricky Rubio is a great player that will fit in right away to contribute.

NBA Comparison: Steve Nash

Oklahoma City Thunder- Hasheem Thabeet, Center, Uconn
The only missing piece to the Thunder's starting five is a dominant center. They have Jeff Green at power forward, Kevin Durant at small forward, Thabo Sefolosha at shooting guard, and Russell Westbrook at point guard.

NBA Comparison: Samuel Dalambert

4. Sacramento Kings- Brandon Jennings, Point Guard, Lottomatica Roma
Beno Udrih shows sign of potential at point, but I don't think he's the floor general for this very young team. Brandon Jennings is a phenomenal ball-handler, and a great shooter.

NBA Comparison: Tony Parker

5. Washington Wizards- Jordan Hill, Power Forward, Arizona
Antawn Jamison is getting up there in age, and he likely won't be around for that much longer. The Wizards to start re-building for the future. Gilbert Arenas might get traded away if that is their plan.

NBA Comparison: Chris Wilcox

6. Minnesota Timberwolves- James Harden, Shooting Guard, Arizona State
The Timberwolves need to start getting better players in their back-court. Randy Foye will be good at the point, but they have practically nobody at shooting guard. James Harden is a great scorer and leader.

NBA Comparison: Manu Ginobli

7. Golden State Warriors- Tyreke Evans, Guard, Memphis
There is no telling whether or not Jamal Crawford will be much of a factor at shooting guard. If Monta Ellis can stay out of trouble he will be the future point guard, but the No. 2 spot is still up for grabs.

NBA Comparison: Larry Hughes

8. New York Knicks- Demar DeRozan, Guard/Forward, USC
The Knicks could use a star shooting guard because they traded away Jamal Crawford to the Warriors. They drafted Danilo Galinari last year, who is expected to start at small forward.

NBA Comparison: Josh Howard

9. Toronto Raptors- Stephen Curry, Guard, Davidson
The Raptors are looking to invest in Jose Calderon at point guard. Luckily, Stephen Curry is more suited for the shooting guard spot, despite the fact that he is only 6"3. The Raptors will have a very talented back-court with Curry and Calderon.

NBA Comparison: Mike Bibby

10. Milwaukee Bucks- DeJuan Blair, Forward/Center, Pittsburgh
The Bucks actually don't have that many needs to fill. They have Andrew Bogut at center, Charlie Villanueva at power forward, Richard Jefferson at small forward, Michael Redd at shooting guard, and Ramon Sessions at the point. They will be adding Blair strictly for depth at this point.

NBA Comparison: Paul Millsap

11. New Jersey Nets- Terrence Williams, Guard/Small Forward, Louisville
The Nets may look to trade Vince Carter this off-season. He is not nearly as good as he once was, and he's also well into his 30's. Terrence Williams may be a reach here, but the Nets must be willing to make it.

NBA Comparison: Andre Iguodala

12. Charlotte Bobcats- Gerald Henderson, Shooting Guard, Duke
The Bobcats traded away Jason Richardson to the Suns for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw. Although Bell is good, he is getting up there in age. Gerald Henderson, in my opinion, would be a steal here for the Bobcats.

NBA Comparison: Michael Finley

13. Indiana Pacers- Ty Lawson, Point Guard, North Carolina
The Pacers have T.J. Ford on the roster, but he shows signs of inconsistency at times. Indiana must look to build up some depth behind him. Ty Lawson, according to some, will be a bust, I, on the other hand, disagree.

NBA Comparison: T.J. Ford

14. Phoenix Suns- Earl Clark, Forward, Louisville
Both Matt Barnes and Grant Hill are going to be free-agents as soon as the 2009 season comes to an end. I doubt that the Suns hold onto both of them. Earl Clark could be the steal of the draft, believe it or not.

NBA Comparison: Marvin Williams

15. Detroit Pistons- James Johnson, Power Forward, Wake Forest
Rasheed Wallace is near retirement, which means that the Pistons need to build up somebody behind him towards the future. James is only 6"8, which could lead him to possibly playing at small forward.

NBA Comparison: Ryan Gomes

16. Chicago Bulls- Jrue Holiday, Guard, UCLA
This might not be the right pick because Jrue seems more like a point guard, but he can certainly play at the two spot. Chicago needs to find somebody to replace Ben Gordon, in case he doesn't re-sign.

NBA Comparison: Rodney Stuckey

17. Philadelphia 76'ers- Jonny Flynn, Point Guard, Syracuse
This is without a doubt a steal. Jonny Flynn could easily land himself in the top 10, but there are so many good guards in this year's draft. Andre Miller is getting older, so the 76'ers need a younger point guard for the future.

NBA Comparison: Earl Watson

18. Minnesota Timberwolves from: Miami- Eric Maynon, Point Guard, VCU
Sebastian Telfair has been labeled by most to be a bust. The Timberwolves need somebody who can be a consistent floor-general. Eric Maynor won't start in '09, but he would receive a significant amount of numbers.

NBA Comparison: Sam Cassell

19. Atlanta Hawks- B.J. Mullens, Center, Ohio State
The Hawks would be a great team if they had a dominant center. Zaza Pachulia is good at times, but he could easily be replaced by somebody that's better. Mullens is a 7'0" monster who would start right from the get-go.

NBA Comparison: Chris Kaman

20. Utah Jazz- Austin Daye, Forward, Gonzaga
Andrei Kirilenko could find himself on a new team next year if he doesn't step up his game. The Jazz need to get some depth at forward, especially if Carlos Boozer doesn't re-sign.

NBA Comparison: Kevin Durant

21. New Orleans Saints- Jeff Teague, Guard, Wake Forest
The Hornets seemed to be a much better team when they had Janerro Pargo on the roster. New Orleans needs to get some depth behind Chris Paul, and a possible starter at shooting guard.

NBA Comparison: Monta Ellis

22. Dallas Mavericks- Chase Budinger, Shooting Guard/Small Forward, Arizona
The Mavericks lack a strong shooting guard. Chase Budinger can play at both small forward and shooting guard, so it would make it easier for the Mavericks to possibly trade Josh Howard.

NBA Comparison: Martell Webster

23. Sacramento Kings from: Houston- Gani Lawal, Forward/Center, Georgia Tech
The Kings got their future dominant point guard, now they must focus on getting a potential starter at power forward. Gani Lawal is only 6"8, so he can play in multiple positions.

NBA Comparison: Chuck Hayes

24. Portland Trail Blazers- Sam Young, Forward, Pittsburgh
The Blazers are a team that no longer has that many needs to fill. If they can get a significantly talented player in the first round, they could be in the top 3 teams in the Western conference.

NBA Comparison: James Posey

25. Oklahoma City Thunder from: Spurs- Nick Calathes, Guard, Florida
The Thunder need depth behind the often times inconsistent, Thabo Sefolosha. Nick Calathes is the best player available at this point, and the Thunder could use him as a bench producer.

NBA Comparison: Jose Calderon

26. Chicago Bulls from: Denver- Tyler Hansbrough, Power Forward, UNC
The Chicago Bulls could really use depth behind Tyrus Thomas, who could possibly be traded. Tyler Hansbrough is a confusing player who could go much earlier or later than this pick.

NBA Comparison: Luis Scola

27. Memphis Grizzlies from: Orlando- DaJuan Summers, Forward, Georgetown
The Grizzlies will have a lot of talent in the back-court, but now they need to work on the front-court. DaJuan Summers is 6'8", so he can play at both small forward and power forward.

NBA Comparison: Tim Thomas

28. Minnesota Timberwolves from: Celtics- Darren Collison, Point Guard, UCLA
The only reason I could really see this pick happening is because Collison played with Kevin Love in Love's only season at UCLA. They could re-unite and potentially have some chemistry to distribute on the Wolves roster.

NBA Comparison: Mario Chalmers

29. Los Angeles Lakers- Marcus Thornton, Shooting Guard, LSU
Kobe Bryant needs to have some of the load taken off of him. The Lakers don't have a talented shooting guard to play behind Kobe. Marcus Thornton is exactly the player they need.

NBA Comparison: Jason Terry

30. Cleveland Cavaliers- Wayne Ellington, Shooting Guard, UNC
The Cavaliers are one of the most deep teams in the game today. This pick would only help making the rich richer. Delonte West is the worst player in the starting five for the Cavaliers, which could lead them to taking Ellington in the first round.

NBA Comparison: Ray Allen


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