Tweeting The Celts–Magic Game 7

Jay HendryCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

BOSTON - MAY 17:  Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic dunks the ball in the first half against the Boston Celtics in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at TD Banknorth Garden on May 17, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Game 7 journal, Twitter style. 

If Anderson Cooper says it's useful, I'm not going to argue.


8:09 pm—Dwight Howard just gave some Celtics courtside family a lap dance. This feels like a game seven.

8:09 pm- Stan Van Gundy “panic level”—Cautious

1st Quarter

10:44—First points. Rondo with 2, and we're off!

10:10—Alston with a 3!

9:30—The Magic are hitting their wide open 3s tonight. 

8:52—Howard mauls Rondo, Magic ball, Karma Police catch up w/ the Magic on a travel.

8:05—Mark this down: Giving Howard wide open dunk opportunities will not win this game for the Celtics.

6:25—Magic are 3/3 tonight from 3pt range. 

5:36—Dwight w/ another dunk. 19–9 Magic. Celts frequently losing track of the biggest man on the court while he’s standing in the paint.

5:11—Dwight just literally floated over to the baseline and blocked a Pierce layup

4:08—Howard’s vert is limited to 14.5 feet.  Good to know.

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3:02—A quick sweep of courtside fans reveals far fewer fake breasts than the Lakers’ game.

2:26—Courtney Lee with a huge block on the fastbreak.

2:10—Inadvertent whistle.  Wish someone had informed Joey Crawford of that option

2:10—SVG PL–Elevated.  Is the pallbearer getup for the Magic funeral, or just his head coaching career?

2nd Quarter

SVG interview.  Still panicked.  He’s a man with two styles, Stiff or 70s porno “Stiffy”

11:48—Pierce strikes first. 2 points

10:28—the NBA’s low, cinematic angle makes it difficult to tell what the hell’s going on

10:14—Turk with another 3.  10 points on 4/4 shooting

9:15—Howard got away with a goal tend.  Out of bounds on next poss. Karma police are all over him

8:20—Marbury got picked by a ref.  Biased officiating has to go.

8:06—Gortat’s, aka “that white guy’s”, dunk was “Howardesque”

6:04—Rashard is the only Magic Player missing 3 pointers.

5:39—“Move it, Swing it, Pick it”– My favorite rap song and Doc Rivers’ motivational slogan

5:15—I just found out I’m on at least a 15 second delay in relation to ESPN’s gamecast

4:30—Once again, the Magic overshoot a Howard alleyoop. Unacceptable.

3:15—Celts closed to 6 point deficit. SVG panic level—Cold Sweat

2:26—Pietrus with a 3. 6 minutes and 6 points. Redick hasn’t taken a shot, yet he starts.

2:00—Reggie’s “best closers” and no mention of Ray Allen.  Somebody’s jealous.

1:30—42-38, Orlando.  SVG in heart attack mode

:05.3—Rondo mauled, no call.  Shot clock violation, Ray Allen still hits the no shot.  Clutch, Reggie.

:00—45-38 Orlando


Interview Turkoglu.  Can’t understand a word he’s saying.

Best commercial I’ve seen in a while: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtzQ0eXVoJo

Kenny Smith makes the best of that gimmicky touch screen.

Hedo eats pregame pizza.  Great rehash of terrible investigative journalism.

Commercial—Heineken Taxi.  Never, ever have 4 people been so coherent on the way from the bars

Highlight Montage—Some Nickelbackish band. Alston slapping House in the head in slomo. I lol’ed

Highlights—How much game prep does Redick waste getting his bed head right?

3rd Quarter

12:00—Howard, Alston, Redick, Lewis, Turkoglu.  Why SVG, why?

11:09—45-41, Orlando.  SVG trembling

10:43—Goaltending, Howard mauling the rim, the Celts, and the Magic.  Strange no call.

10:13—Big Baby came out strong, nobody else is playing right now. 3 point game.

8:49—Rondo dunks on Howard.  Crowd goes nuts.

6:51—Rondo with a stupid foul on Alston.  3 point opportunity.

6:34—Ray Allen jumper. 15 points, 26 minutes

5:27—Redick with 3 points!  He’s played this entire quarter, and 21 minutes of the game and has 3 points.

4:35—Hedo with a 3.  Magic 10/17 from beyond the arc. 

3:54—Uncontested Dwight dunk.  How does that happen?

3:20—That lucky charms guy (Scalabrine) got his first points

2:40—Ray Allen with a 25 ft turnaround.  He’s keeping Bos in this by himself.

2:08—Redick’s out after 24 minutes and 5 points.

1:24—Pietrus scores immediately.  Why doesn’t he start?

:00—Rondo with a foot-on-the-line buzzer beating 2. 66-61.  Celts within 5.

Commercial—Year One: Jack Black, the Superbad kid, will it be funny?

4th Quarter

12:00—Perkins, Allen, Marbury, Rondo, Scalabrine.  What’s up, Doc?

11:35—Pietrus 3.  11 points. Start him!

10:57—Current Magic 5—Pietrus, Lee, Johnson, Howard, Turkoglu. I like it.

10:58—Howard with another block.  He’s got 5

10:30—Pietrus with another make. 13 points.

9:59—Game 7: Where lots of Orlando “And-1s” happen.

9:31—SVG close up.  He looks “jittery” despite a 15 point lead.

9:15—Howard altered a shot without even moving. He feigned a block and Marbury bit. Respect.

8:20—Pietrus with another 2!

8:04—Howard with his 5th foul.  Magic up 17. Uh-oh?

8:04—Magic up 15, 8 minutes to go.  SVG panic alert: Mild shivering, has to pee.

7:19—Paul Pierce “flawless” at the line? Dream on, Marv.

6:00—Paul Pierce finally hits a big shot.  Too late?

5:43—Eddie House hits his first shot.  Again, too late?

5:17—Rondo with two, consecutive, bad fouls.  He’s got 5.

5:11—Boston Timeout.  SVG is winded.  Panic overload!

5:00—90-75.  Celts are in trouble.

4:18—Ray with a 3.  The man doesn’t give up.

4:12—Panic SVG makes a terrible decision: Dwight coming back in with 5 fouls.

3:27—Turkoglu is on fire, 25 points.  The secret is clearly pregame pizza.

3:27—Celts Timeout.  Strategy must be to make SVG ruin his team during the TOs.  95-78.

2:52—Alston with the dagger!  Magic up 20.  Tony Allen coming in soon?

2:30—Tony Allen’s in!  Game over!  Game over!  Magic to the conf. Finals despite SVG!

Congrats to the Magic!  Final score: 101–82

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