WWE Interested in Top International Star Prince Devitt

Joe Johnson@@JoeJohnsonREALSenior Writer IIAugust 27, 2013


For years, Prince Devitt has entertained crowds by the thousands across Japan. The three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion has been a fixture in New Japan, and after much international acclaim, has caught the eye of Triple H and the WWE.

According to PWInsider (h/t WrestleZone), it was William Regal who brought Devitt to Triple H's attention. When the company decided to sign NXT superstar Adrian Neville (formerly PAC) to a contract, it was the young Brit's match against Devitt that won over Triple H. 

Ever since seeing that match, Triple H has kept Devitt on his short list and the WWE is considering reaching out. 

Devitt, a native of Ireland, has wrestled around the world since 2000. At 32 years old, he's as accomplished as any international performer, holding titles in several countries and twice winning the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

Listed at 5'11" and 180 pounds, he would be considered traditionally undersized for the WWE. With the company's dedication to pushing Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, though, it may have opened the door for other average-sized performers with super-sized talent. 

One uncomfortable fact about Devitt—and not at all his fault—is that he debuted in Japan under a mask as Pegasus Kid II. Of course, the first Pegasus Kid was none other than Chris Benoit during his time overseas prior to joining WCW. 

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This character only lasted for a year before removing the mask and going by the name Prince Devitt. 

Devitt is a highly skilled technical wrestler with the ability to hit high impact aerial attacks. He's far from a spot monkey, but is capable of competing in high flying matches. He's crisp and smooth in the ring and could stand toe-to-toe with any of the best in-ring performers WWE has to offer.

He doesn't wrestle an over-the-top American indy style match, which would allow him to seamlessly transition to the WWE style. 

WWE would certainly require Devitt to go through developmental. Whether that means time in NXT or not, he doesn't need the practice in the ring. However, this is becoming required time in the WWE, especially with the Performance Center now open. 

From my view, Prince Devitt would be a great signing for the WWE. He brings an international reputation that carries weight as the company continues to push its borders. He's a superstar in Japan and also a native of Ireland who can draw viewers throughout Europe. 

With signings of Adrian Neville (PAC) and Sami Zayn (El Generico), main roster fixtures like Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Fandango and Kofi Kingston, and even the return of Evan Bourne, WWE could legitimately launch a first-rate light heavyweight division and bring a new dynamic to its roster.