Energy, Emotion, and Intensity: Why Mark Cuban is Great for the NBA

Adam LawrenceContributor IMay 14, 2009

DENVER - MAY 05:  Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks observes the national anthem prior to facing the Denver Nuggets in Game Two of the Western Conference Semifinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at Pepsi Center on May 5, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Nuggets defeated the Mavericks 117-105. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

In light of recent events, there are many basketball fans who have disapproved Mark Cuban's ownership skills and feel that his antics are foolish and immature.

Not me.

Mark Cuban is one of the only good things the game has going for it in this day and age.

Now, I am not going to cherish the fact that he barked down Kenyon Martin's mother a few days back, but I am going to back him up by reinforcing that Cuban is not just an owner, he is a fan. A mega-fan.

No other owner in the league cares like Mark Cuban. The guy isn't just living the dream of owning a team like the Maloof brothers in Sacramento; Cuban is actually a part of the Mavericks.

Cuban is at every game, no matter if it's in Dallas, Boston, or Seattle (well, maybe for recruiting high school players).

But come on, the guy gives his players whatever they want, whenever they want it, and takes care of his staff around the clock. There is no better owner to play for than Cuban.

A lot of people have argued that Cuban's intensity is too much for the NBA and that owners should act like all others: snobby, insecure, and well-dressed.

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Cuban is none of the above. He'll come to games in a Mavs warm-up jersey and fight for his team the whole way through. And why? Critics will say for publicity or to get his team motivated, but the real reason is because the guy really cares. I mean cares.

Cuban's life revolves around the Mavs, and I don't think most people understand that. The guy has given up a lot to see this team succeed, and while he doesn't just go out and buy players like some multimillionaire owners, he is attempting to build a team that can compete for a championship on a yearly basis.

The Cuban administration hasn't done a great job wheeling and dealing its most valuable players (i.e. Devin Harris), but it has always had a winning mindset and determination to succeed year in and year out.

Isn't it strange that while teams like the Nuggets have had one great season because of coordination inside management to get Chauncey Billups, and Portland has finally got back to being a playoff contender, the Mavs have always been a playoff team.


They are consistently good, and more importantly, consistently well-owned. While they haven't brought back any titles over the last several years, who has (the Spurs, the Pistons, the Celtics)? Its very difficult to win in this league, and the Mavs even made it to the title before losing to the Heat a couple of years back.

Cuban always has his teams in great shape and contention because he has a desire to win and succeed, and his motivation for the game and his team consistently carries over onto the court.

Look, Cuban has had some goofs, but let's be serious, haven't we all as fans?

I mean what real sports fan hasn't had the emotion to get into it with another team, player, or fan?

Picking on Kenyon Martin's mom isn't the brightest idea, but its not because Cuban is a jerk, but rather because he has so much emotion and desire for his team to do well.

Look at the call at the end of that game. If that was your team, wouldn't you want an explanation?

As a longtime Jazz fan, there is nothing better than seeing Jerry Sloan stick up for his team by jawing at refs and arguing with opponents. It's not like this enthusiasm and energy is always a good thing, but it makes the enjoyment of the game far more entertaining and emotional.

Cuban may have slightly overreacted, but after that completely absurd call at the end of game five, he should have. He owns the team and he is their biggest supporter.

For all of us who aren't individuals fortunate enough to own a professional team; imagine what it would be like to actually own one. Would you be happy with terrible officiating that cost your team a shot at a title?

Of course you wouldn't.

Cuban is what everyone of us has always wanted to be: an emotionally driven, energetic owner who cares about nothing more than seeing his team flourish. Would any of you come to games in a suit and tie and sit on the bench respectfully if you were in Cuban's position? I hope not. Because, that is what makes him more than an owner, that is what makes him a fan.

Cuban is more than an owner. His energy on and off the court have helped the Mavericks achieve far more than anyone has expected.

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