Washington Capitals and Game 7 - The Pride of D.C. Sports Depends On It

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IMay 13, 2009

Forget the Washington Capitals’ addiction to NHL Playoff Game Sevens over the past few years. This one is bigger than moving on to the conference finals, bigger than Ovechkin v. Crosby, and bigger than the D.C.-Pittsburgh rivalry.

This is for the entire pride of D.C. sports fandom.

In one night, everything you ever wanted out of a local team will be on the line. The ability to advance to the conference finals? That responsible and fan-friendly ownership you wanted? Where the Redskins fell short, the Caps raised us up.

The development of star players, who integrate themselves beautifully into the local culture and make themselves a daily part of our sports psyche and consumption? Where Gilbert Arenas got hurt, and Chris Cooley is Rated R, Alex Ovechkin and Simeon Varlamov stayed on the ice and gave you a family friendly performance of a lifetime.

And where you’ve yearned for a winner that will attract national, no, international attention, where the Orioles and Nationals failed, the Caps have thrived.

They’ve been down, up, up higher, back down, and now its on in Game 7 here in Chocolate City. This is bigger than Cowboys-Redskins, because the winner of this series could very well win the Stanley Cup. Bigger than the Souja Boy Wizards playoff game, because Rocking the Red will never go out of style.

Well, maybe the Souja Boy will never die either, thanks to Superskin, but you get the idea.

This is everything you wanted out of your local sports. You don’t have to approach with caution, you don’t have to wonder if this is real, you don’t even have to worry about Brian Mitchell looking at this team and wondering if they have it in them.

You only need to know that everything we have for D.C. sports is riding on this game, and likely, there’s no team better equipped for that kind of pressure.

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