Kevin Durant Reportedly Engaged to WNBA Player Monica Wright

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2013

Sorry, ladies. It appears Kevin Durant is off the market for good.

Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune reports that Durant's bride-to-be, Monica Wright, confirmed the rumors of her engagement to the Oklahoma City Thunder star on July 7.

Then again, how could she say no? This is Kevin Durant we're talking about, one of the kindest, most benevolent players in the NBA. In other words, great marriage material.

Now, back to our betrothed couple.

Robert Littal of Black Sports Online was the first to report the two were initially dating in May and initially urged us to take the latest report with a "grain of salt."

It's a tough situation for us spectators because, on one hand, it does seem rushed and a bit difficult to believe. On the other, these two have apparently known each other for quite some time (via Hollywood Life):

After being close friends since high school, linked by their successful basketball careers, the couple reportedly took things to the next level months ago. But romance has long been on Kevin’s mind: in 2011 he tweeted, “Or maybe I need a basketball playing girlfriend…hmm lol…monica wright where r u (love and basketball).”

And the feelings of love and admiration clearly go both ways. After Kevin donated $1 million to the tornado relief in Oklahoma, Monica gushed about her man: “He’s got a heart of gold, and anytime (something like) this happens, he’s the first one who wants to help,” Monica told FoxSportsNorth. “He’s a really compassionate guy.”

At the very least, Wright seems to have a hold on the type of person Durant is. Outside of basketball, few would hesitate to call him "compassionate" or assert that he has a "heart of gold."

Truth be told, this is just the way you envision Durant tying the knot. Friends first, lifetime companions later. Nicholas Sparks himself couldn't make this up (all right, maybe he could).

Perhaps strangest of all, Durant sent out a tweet back in September of 2011 giving a little nudge and a wink at Wright while mentioning Love and Basketball.

It seems like he saw this coming from a mile away or was at least hoping it would happen.

No details were provided on when or where the wedding will happen, which is really no surprise and therefore can't necessarily be used as a means to disprove anything.

Most people don't have their wedding planned a mere 10 seconds after the engagement ring is put on the finger. The stress of planning the impending nuptials comes later.

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say they are bound to get married on a basketball court while elevated above the rim.

For now, let us bask in their happiness with them, whether they're engaged or not. Happy couples can exist outside of an engagement, though a supposed smokescreen like this could put the two under some inescapable pressure.

Raise your glasses (or keyboards) and bid them well, whatever that may entail.

And here's to hoping their marriage is a little more slam-dunkish and a lot less Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries-esque.