The SOBs: Best Jim Boeheim Quote Of The Year

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IMay 6, 2009

It's time to honor a particular Jim Boeheim Quote during the 2009 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards otherwise known as the SOBs. Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician got us started with the award for best video. Paul Harris won with his foray into rap accompanied by his friends Sexy Dex and Rudy.

Three Idiots on Sports bestowed Kristof Ongenaet with the accolade of being the best senior on this year's Orange squad. Up next the perfect prose of Hoya Suxa fittingly doled out the award for biggest nemesis. The grumpy old Jim Calhoun and twitter fiend Hasheem Thabeet tied in the eyes of Orange Bloggers as the 'Cuse's biggest enemy. 

In a runaway, The Orange Report handed Kris Joesph the award for top freshman and The Orange Report hands over the award ceremony to me to name the top Jim Boeheim Quote of the Season.

We had six different nominees for the JBQS and frankly they were all dandies.

Danny of The Sport Hump took the satirical approach as always and nominated Boeheim's advertising pitch for the clothing store, Christopher's. In his commercial and on billboards in the Syracuse area, Boeheim says, "I shop at Christopher's, and you should too."

Danny finds this ironic because in the 1980s Boeheim was frequently criticized for how badly he dressed, now he represents a clothing store. The advertising people for Christopher's must not be Newhouse graduates.

Receiving two votes is the way Jim Boeheim handled being asked about Jonny Flynn's future after the 'Cuse lost to Oklahoma in the Sweet 16. Skip ahead to about the 1:05 mark for the juicy response.

Flynn and Boeheim asked if Flynn will return

The best part of that whole press conference is the reporter who asked the question. He'll go unnamed, but he's graduating and has landed a contract with ESPNU straight out of school.

Sean of TNIAAM and Dan of the Orange Fizz enjoyed Boeheim's rant the most.

The last quote (this one is more of an incident) unrelated to one specific game received two votes as well.

It's an incident that will forever be known as Jim Boeheim vs. the Microphone. Take a look...

Ray Biggs, the proprietor of Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos and Matt of Hoya Suxa chose Boeheim vs. the Microphone as the best press-related Boeheim incident of the year. 

Several of the quotes came from just one press conference. After the Orange knocked off the Huskies (and the most hated Jim Calhoun and Hasheem Thabeet), Jim Boeheim was filled with great one-liners.

Big East Tournament, Day 3: SU's Post-Game News Conference

Nick Loucks of Nick's 2 Cents hand picked the opening line of "I've never been prouder of any team that I've ever coached." Loucks explained, "[Boeheim was] almost in tears after the UConn win. That MEANS something."

Brian Harrison from Orange44 though a different quote stood out the most. Boeheim said, "It would have been a lot better if they counted Eric's shot and we could have gone home two hours ago, but that's the way it goes."

The winner of the best Jim Boeheim quote also came from this conference. Fast-forward basically to the end of the conference at about the 7:50 mark. Paul Harris takes the blame for letting the game go so long because of the several layups he missed during the six overtime periods.

In his typically wit, Boeheim replied with, "Paul, which one? At one point you missed four in a row."  

Boeheim's remark epitomized the season and his relationship with Paul Harris. Often Boeheim focused on Harris' actions on the court and tended to rip Harris a new one when the junior forward returned to the bench.

For three years, Harris has been Boeheim's favorite player to verbally berate in front of 30,000 people in the Carrier Dome. In a time of joy and jubilation, Boeheim still finds a way to sneakily, but jokingly criticize Harris.

Matt from The Orange Report, Andrew of Three Idiots on Sports, and Dan of Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos all pegged this Boeheim quote as the quote of the year.

At 3:00, Nicks 2 Cents will hand out the award for the Best Sophomore.