Vince McMahon Should Become WWE's Top Heel Again

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IJune 27, 2013

(WWE photo)
(WWE photo)

Vince McMahon is at his best when he is at his worst.

After months of being Mr. Nice Guy, the chairman of WWE has finally gotten his evil business tyrant suits back from the dry cleaners. Guess what? They fit just as well today as they did back in the days of Attitude and Ruthless Aggression, when he was the company’s top heel.

McMahon has traded in his smile for a sneer to once again rule WWE with an iron fist. No one appears to be safe from his despotic ways…not even his son-in-law and heir apparent, Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

At a time when WWE is probably enjoying its best momentum with some solid storylines and intriguing ring matchups, McMahon is adding to it by bringing back “Mr. McMahon,” the win-at-all-costs, power-mad billionaire who flaunts his power like an angry grizzly bear shows his teeth.

And much like TV fans welcomed back J.R. Ewing on the Dallas reboot, WWE fans are relishing the opportunity to see the rotten genius back in his element.

Vince McMahon needs to be WWE’s top heel again. It’s long overdue.

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Mr. McMahon returns at a time when WWE is in sore need of consistently strong heels. And when I say consistently, I mean on a solid, long-term basis.

Paul Heyman is the closest to that right now, but as good as he is, he cannot hold a candle to Mr. McMahon’s antics.

You might add Vickie Guerrero to that ledger, but she is more of a sympathetic, starry-eyed heel character. A McMahon heel character chews people like that up and spits them out.

While I do not expect a return to the types of shenanigans Mr. McMahon pulled off during the Attitude Era, he still will be bad in a PG way. He has already crossed swords with Triple H. He has heaped tons of praise on The Shield and criticized the legendary Kane for wearing what he called a “crazy Halloween mask.”

He has proven that he will go to any lengths to have his way.

Just before Payback, his ill-fated efforts to stop Triple H from wrestling Curtis Axel wound up with him taking the bell and announcer’s microphone from ringside. That is just how a child would behave, taking his toys and running away.

In the coming weeks, the real test of McMahon’s heel character will come when he inevitably sticks his nose in the business of Cena and Daniel Bryan—the company’s top two stars right now.

Cena has always professed to be all about the company, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to something McMahon might do to get in his way. And if McMahon really wants to ratchet up his heat, let him try to do something to stem the tide of Bryan’s tsunami-sized popularity.

If, as expected, Bryan wins the Raw briefcase, McMahon could play off Bryan’s inferiority complex storyline and claim the American Dragon is too small to be a heavyweight champion. He could throw out roadblock after roadblock to keep Bryan from cashing in the briefcase.

Imagine all the major league hissy fits Bryan’s character would throw. Imagine an even greater surge in Bryan’s momentum toward the title.

Now that would cement McMahon’s legacy as the one WWE fans love to hate the most.

Welcome back, Mr. McMahon. We missed you.

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