WWE 2K14: Official Trailer Released for First WWE Game Published by 2K Sports

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 26, 2013

image from 2K Sports
image from 2K Sports

Monday Night Raw was eventful in many ways, but wrestling/video game fans may remember the June 24th edition most because it was the first time they saw gameplay from the yet-to-be-released WWE 2K14.

After buying the rights to the WWE license in February, this will be the first title released under the 2K banner.

The game is set for release on Oct. 29, but it isn't too early to get a sneak peek. The trailer that ran during Raw is featured below, and it highlighted a few of the new features the game will carry.

From a visual standpoint, the graphics look just as good as they did in WWE 13 with a few subtle, detailed additions.

One of the first things many gamers may notice is the improvement to the facial render of The Rock. While he was certainly recognizable in WWE 13, the version that appears in WWE 2K14 is spot on.

As the cover star for the game, it is a pre-requisite that The Great One's likeness be captured accurately. After looking at the still shot below, we can check that off the list.

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The improvement isn't drastic, but it is noticeable. There is no facial hair and the ear-to-cranium proportions are more accurate. Yes, I said ear-to-cranium.

As far as the gameplay, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the double Shell Shock Ryback puts on two jabronies in the trailer. I'm not sure exactly how you'll be able to do this in the game, but I'm eager to learn. That could make for a few memorable moments on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

The trailer also hints at the Become a Legend mode. Few details are available with more than four months between now and release, but with 2K Sports being innovators in modes such as the My Player/My Career in the NBA 2K series, hopes are high for Become a Legend.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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