Magic-Celtics Series Will Not Be Won on Talent Alone

Cock of the WalkContributor IMay 5, 2009

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 8: Glen Davis #11 of the Boston Celtics and Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic react during a game at the TD Banknorth Garden on March 8, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics lost 86-79. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Celtics should have no chance in this series.

Garnett would make all the difference in this series with his length and ability to stretch the floor.

Unfortunately, as is, they're big men can't match-up with Dwight Howard and can't stay out of foul trouble long enough to really even try.  He mostly had his way in the paint and on the boards; Rondo had to completely sell out on the help on defense to disrupt Howard in the post.

They can put Paul Pierce on either Rashard or The Turk, but one of them is going to have a mismatch.

The only guy who can really do damage in the paint against the Magic is Rondo.  Thirty percent isn't going to cut it, though; he's going to have to start finishing and have some man-type games for the Celtics to win (we'll come back to this).

When Stephon Marbury is showing the most energy on your team at any point during a game, chances are you aren't winning.

Scalabrine on Rashard is a huge match-up—how friggin' ridiculous is that?  He played some good defense and is the kind of guy that will make sure he gets a hand in a shooter's face.  He's also the kind of guy on offense that can exploit Lewis' apathy on the defensive end - Rashard can play some D on the ball, but he's a bad team defender that will lose his man off the ball.

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But the Magic couldn't close the front door.

They don't make big plays.  Big plays happen to them—they fall into their laps.

For example, Rondo stripped Anthony dead to rights and was going to run out a fastbreak, but the ball had some spin on it and just died.  The ball bounced a few times while nobody picked it up and then it got flipped to Pietrus for a three.  That was a five point swing when the Celtics were down by 12.

I'd love to really analyze the Magic, but it's that simple.  They have everything - the big man dominating the paint at both ends, quick pg that can shoot and make plays and two wings that can shoot and put the ball on the floor.

But instead of utilizing what they have and making plays to close games out, they wait for the shot to fall into their laps, and making it is generally 50-50.

The Celtics should win this series in seven.

They barely lost a game in which they did not play very well for the first 24 minutes.

The Magic barely held them off in a game where rondo shot about 30 percent 10 ft. and in and Ray Allen scored five points.  I don't see them getting another one at the Garden.

The Magic, on the other hand, got just about everything they could have asked for, like 28 point lead, but couldn't ever really finish off the Celtics.

If you think the Magic can hold their home court against the Celtics after they couldn't against the lowly Sixers, then obviously you're going to disagree with me, but I'm surprisingly confident, considering the Celtics are almost completely depleted.

Would you really bet on a team that doesn't know how to go for the jugular playing Game Seven on the road against a veteran team that loves its homecourt (especially the bench) and makes its living going for the jugular?

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