7 Reasons the McMahon Family Drama Does Not Belong on TV

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 19, 2013

7 Reasons the McMahon Family Drama Does Not Belong on TV

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    Ah, yes. WWE Raw. Or as it has recently become known, "The McMahon Family Drama Show."

    Stephanie is a high-powered business woman! Triple H doesn't belong in the ring anymore! Vince McMahon is just concerned about his family! Stephanie and Triple H are having marital problems! Triple H wants to beat up his father-in-law! Oh, and now they're hugging it out!

    Is this wrestling or Days of Our Lives?

    So, let's just look at a few of the reasons that Vince, Stephanie and the rest of the family need to be kept off of our screens.

7. Stephanie Undermines the Divas Division

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    On Monday’s Raw, Stephanie strutted down to the ring and scolded new Divas champion A.J. Lee. Stephanie—who towered over the diminutive Lee—belittled and ridiculed the star before reminding her who was boss.

    How exactly is Lee—or anyone—meant to get over as a threat when they’re cowering in fear of the boss, exactly?

    But, hey, Lee’s a heel, right? So that makes it OK? Well, no. Not really. Because Stephanie also took to telling off babyface Kaitlyn on the ramp after the Diva dared to interrupt the corporate executive while she was in the middle of speaking.

    This dreadful segment served to get no one over, except Stephanie, of course. She now looks like the invincible super-boss. What a disaster.

6. They Are Taking Time Away from the Real Stars

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    Instead of devoting tons of airtime to the soap opera-esque antics of the McMahon clan, why not utilize it to help the company’s underappreciated stars establish themselves?

    Hey, it would nice if someone like Naomi was given time to have some of the good matches she is clearly capable of. Heath Slater’s 3MB stable could also be a winning midcard act—provided they are given time to develop.

5. They Make Vickie Look Useless

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    Poor Vickie Guerrero. She—along with new sidekick Brad Maddox—has actually been working very hard to make Raw well-booked, must-see shows, only to have the McMahons—most notably Triple H on this past Monday’s Raw—belittle her efforts and unjustifiably accuse her of being incompetent.

    It makes you wonder why they even bother having her around, since they are clearly the ones running Raw.

    How obnoxious is the family’s behavior towards her? Well, they have managed to turn one of the most loathed and hated women in WWE history into a sympathetic figure.

4. The Storyline Makes No Sense

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    So, Triple H was determined to defy his doctor’s orders and face Curtis Axel on Raw. Then Vince and Stephanie stepped in to put a stop to Triple H wrestling, citing their concern for their health and well-being. Greatly angered by their interference, “The Game” exchanged cross words with his wife and almost got into a physical confrontation with his father-in-law.

    OK, so how do you explain Triple H seemingly forgetting about the Axel rematch? Or Axel moving onto other things? Or Triple H being on good terms with Vince again, with their problems being smoothed over by something as ridiculous as a group hug?

    What exactly was the point of this angle?

3. It's Not Helping the Ratings

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    OK, so you could justify the family's involvement in storylines if it boosted Raw's ratings.

    But it's not. At all. As PWTorch notes, the show's viewing figures have been rather mediocre in recent weeks, coinciding with the family being all over television.

    Of course it would be unfair to pin the blame on them entirely for this. Stiff NBA competition appears to be the real culprit. But, still, the numbers indicate that, at the very least, the trials and tribulations of Vince, Stephanie and Triple H are not helping.

2. The Acting in These Segments Is Awful

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    Maybe these constant backstage segments with the McMahon family could work if they were all good actors—but they aren’t.

    Heck, haven’t you seen The Chaperone? Triple H can be decent, even good, on over-the-top wrestling promos, but he truly struggles to convey any type of subtlety or genuine emotional depth.

    As for Stephanie? She’s even worse—especially with her laughably bad attempts at crying. She makes TNA’s Brooke Hogan look like an Emmy winner.

    You know things are bad when Vince McMahon, no Daniel Day Lewis on his best day, is the most convincing performer in a skit.

1. The McMahons Are Already Overexposed

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    Vince McMahon was plastered over WWE television in the late ‘90s as the evil heel boss out to ruin Steve Austin’s life.

    As his spoiled, equally power-mad daughter, Stephanie has taken up tons of airtime too. And Triple H has been a cornerstone of WWE programming for almost 15 years now. 

    The now-departed Shane McMahon played the under-dog numerous times, often taking the fight to top heels like Kane and Randy Orton, as crazy as it sounds.

    Heck, even Linda McMahon—a truly awful talker who struggled to convey even basic emotion—was a regular character for a while.

    With this in mind, hasn’t the family already been exposed enough? Haven’t wrestling fans seen enough of them to last a lifetime?