Milwaukee Bucks: Haiku Review

Jeremy SchmidtContributor IMay 4, 2009

MILWAUKEE - FEBRUARY 20:  Referee Luis Grillo #8 warns Charlie Villanueva #31 of the Milwaukee Bucks to stay off of the court after a melee broke out during a game between the Bucks and the Cleveland Cavaliers on February 20, 2009 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Cavaliers defeated the Bucks 111-103. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agreees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It has been awhile, but I'm ready after some time to get back in training for next year's season.  But before we can look ahead, we must learn from our past.  With no further ado here is my review of the Milwaukee Bucks season...in Haiku form.

Joe Alexander
Joe Alexander
A gazelle runs from lions;
he runs from Lebron.

In short, Alexander looked terrified often this year, but he's athletic as anything on Earth, I really think the kid has a bright future.

Damon Jones
Damon Jones on bench.
Excitement, like lightening,
can not be bottled.

We all know I'm in love with Jones' bench demeanor. I'm just sad it's not something you can buy at the store and give to next years scrubs. I hope he took Salim under his wing and the Bucks can bring him back as next years shooter de jour who gets excited.

Andrew Bogut
Meant to shine this year,
Bogut's star was put on hold,
but next year'll be bright.

Bogut was off to a great start this year when he was healthy. He was a walking double double, the problem was that he wasn't walking very often. Next year will be terrific, I can feel it for the Aussie.

Charlie Villanueva
Charlie V.; sleek, smooth
moves about like leaves in wind.
Resting, yet he floats.

Charlie V. took steps to remove the tags chucker and inconsistent from his name and succeeded--to a degree. He's still shooting an awful lot of threes for someone his size. From January on he was a pretty consistent shooter and player.

he got consistent minutes he looked like a 20 point per night guy and was usually grabbing around nine rebounds. Ultimately, he still had lapses on defense and doesn't seem like the prototypical inside tough guy. Whether he can add that dimension to his game, like Dirk had to, is yet to be known. He definitely took steps this year though.

Charlie Bell
Bell drags along slow.
Father time has come calling.
Braces constrict knees.

Poor Charlie Bell. All he wanted to do a few years ago was go to Miami and play backup backup point and spend a little time along Dwyane Wade. Now he's stuck in what may be the coldest NBA town in all the land with two bad wheels and a crappy team. If he's in the league in three years I'd be shocked.

Bell's biggest asset is his great character and leadership abilities (he was the Bucks player rep last year). I could see him coaching some day.

Michael Redd
The lefty will heal soon.
With time our hearts will too.
And we will love him.

It's very in style these days to not appreciate what Michael Redd has done as a Milwaukee Buck. I'm as guilty as anyone of taking him for granted these last few years. Redd can be a great player, and had his contract been about ten million dollars less he may be one of the more popular Bucks of all time.

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But it is what it is, and he'll likely have a hard time reclaiming the minds of Bucks fans for the duration of his stay here. But in ten years we will remember the better times and the sweet stroke and he'll be welcomed back with open arms and a jersey in the rafters.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
More lawyer than Prince,
his tough defense never rests.
Offenders fear Luc.

There might have been no better situation for Mbah a Moute to step into in year one of his NBA career than the 2008-09 Milwaukee Bucks.

After years of laziness on the defensive end, the Bucks went out and found a new general manager and coach that were committed to guys who would sell out on defense, even if they weren't proficient offensive players.

Mbah a Moute fit his role perfectly and used his great athleticism and will to give offensive players of all shapes and sizes problems.

Naturally a small forward, the rookie often found himself starting at the four guarding the likes of Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki. He never took a night off and showed flashes of offensive ability that would compliment his defense nicely.

If he can spend this offseason working on extending his range to become a three point marksman he could make a big splash next year.

Dan Gadzuric
Control and pace are
words meant for other men. Gadz
knows not of either.

Gadz had another not so great year, but this was one dotted with bright spots. The behind the back move against the Nets will not soon be forgotten. If Andrew Bogut would have stayed healthy all year it would have done wonders for Gadzuric.

When he's able to play 15-20 minutes a game with all out energy and enthusiasm he can still be quite effective. When he's forced to play more than 25 minutes he runs into foul problems and shoots too many jump shots. By too many jump shots I mean any at all.

Ramon Sessions
Pinballs rely on
triggers to keep them going;
he uses free throws.

The only thing I don't like about Ramon Sessions game is his heavy reliance on free throws. As he continues to develop a jump shot it should open the lane up more for him resulting in more made baskets in the paint, but last season if he wasn't getting calls that led to him shooting two he ran into some problems.

As he gets stronger with time he'll likely become a better finisher too, so this is not something that bothers me too much. His vision looked great last year and he's the most important part of the Bucks summer. What ends up happening with him will likely dictate how the rest of the summer goes. Pretty cool for a guy who was a second round pick.

Richard Jefferson
He now knows himself.
Defeat does not allow us
to fool ourselves much.

RJ can no longer live under the guise that he is a number one option in the league. I'm sure he never really though that anyway, and frankly I'm not certain that anyone did, but this season pounded that option home.

He heads into the summer with the distinction that he is the most likely player on the team to be unloaded, Time Warner Cable commercials be damned.

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