Mexico vs. Costa Rica: Score, Grades and Post-Match Reaction

Ethan Grant@DowntownEGAnalyst IJune 12, 2013

Cue the panic at Estadio Azteca. 

Mexico had a chance to make a statement and absolve some of their earlier concerns after a slow start to the hexagonal table in 2014 World Cup qualifying standings, but a scoreless draw against Costa Rica did anything but table early concerns that El Tri are lost under Jose Manuel de la Torre. 

In fact, Mexico is in dire straits headed into the Confederations Cup next week. 

Tom Marshall had the tweet as the final became official:

Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated also chimed in:

Sporting News' Zac Lee Rigg had this troubling tweet for El Tri fans:

Costa Rica came into Mexico's house and beat the home side into oblivion. Although the Costa Ricans were unable to score, they had the most chances in the match and are the only side happy with a 0-0 draw on Tuesday night. 

Joel Campbell had one of those chances in the fifth minute, as he sent a shot off the post that almost turned the 0-0 draw into a 1-0 Costa Rica lead before Mexico could even wake up and realize there were points to be had in World Cup qualifying. 

As it turns out, things didn't get any better for the Mexicans.

El Tri had a couple of crosses and passes that put attackers Javier Hernandez and Aldo De Nigris in good scoring chances, but Keylor Navas managed to keep that attack at bay and Mexico never really threatened from the 10 minute mark to the end of the first half. 

Chicharito had a yellow card in that first half that likely stemmed from frustration, and Costa Rica held on to the tie well into the second half, too. 

The frustration from the Mexican side then spilled into the stands. 

Things got ugly in the latter stages of the second half, as play had to be stopped for a considerable amount of time as the Mexican fans threw garbage and other items from the stands on to the field as Bryan Ruiz lined up for a corner in Mexico's end. 

Viewers everywhere took to social media in disdain of the poor class shown by the frustrated fans. Among them was ESPN's Chris Sprow:

Glenn Davis was disappointed in the actions, as well:

Unable to turn that emotion from the fans into anything on the pitch, Mexico struggled to create chances late in the game, highlighted by poor takes from Carlos Salcido and Gerardo Flores. Costa Rica smelled the draw in their grasp and managed to hold the Mexican side off until the 90th minute. 

Referee Mark Geiger then handed out seven minutes of stoppage time, another decision sure to draw ire from commentators when looking back at this draw. Aaron Stollar, for one, had just one word to say about the decision:

It didn't ultimately stop Costa Rica. 

The away side held on for the draw, a finish that doesn't give Mexico much hope for the Confederations Cup or the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches that will give Azteca a chance to represent in the 2014 worldwide event. 

Mexico didn't make many friends or appease fans on Tuesday night, as the finish in Mexico City leaves much to be desired from one of the world's powerhouse nations. 


Player Grade Player Grade
Jose de Jesus Corona C Keylor Navas B+
Francisco Javier Pinedo Rodriguez B- Jhonny Acosta B
Carlos Salcido C- Giancarlo Gonzalez A-
Hector Alfredo Herrera Moreno B Michael Corrales Umana A
Gerardo Flores C- Junior Diaz A-
Pablo Barrera (off 64') D Cristian Gamboa  C+
Hector Herrera Rubio (off 75') B+ Cristian Navarro Bolanos (off 66') B
Jesus Zavala B- Michael Barrantes Rojas  (off 76') B+
Andres Guardado  B Yeltsin Tejeda B+
Aldo De Nigris (off 54') B- Bryan Ruiz A-
Javier Hernández  C- Joel Campbell (off 86') B+
Substitutes  Substitutes 
R Jimenez (on 54') B- K. Cunningham (on 66') B+
J. Aquino (on 64') C Celso Borges (on 76') B-
Giovani dos Santos (on 75') C+ A. Saborío (on 86') C+

What's Next?

El Tri will hit the road for the Confederations Cup on Sunday, where Italy awaits in the opening game of that competition. After a disappointing streak of games in CONCACAF qualifying, Mexico needs a strong stretch of games to bounce back from a terrible experience in 2014 World Cup qualifying so far. 

There's a good chance Mexico has a new head coach by the time that match takes place. At the very least, the seat is officially hot for De La Torre after another disappointing draw at home. 

With a win over Honduras and now a draw with Mexico, Costa Rica has to head home happy and smiling when it comes to their stock in the CONCACAF table. Next week, the side will have a home match against Panama before an extended hiatus until September. 


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