I Think I Have a Crush on Alex Ovechkin

Jessica DAnalyst IMay 3, 2009

I have always liked Alex Ovechkin for his aggressive play and aggressive antics (did you see him wave “bye bye” to Sidney Crosby in the February 25 Caps-Pens matchup?) and began to follow him even more closely after I saw him win the hearts of French Canadians at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition.

But now that I've seen E:60's story "Being Alex Ovechkin," I think I have a crush on him.

A lot of girls probably favor Sidney Crosby. He has the baby face and the humble, mature attitude that every woman wants.

Guess I'm just not that kind of woman.

You know what I like? The way that Ovechkin carries himself despite the missing tooth, the shaggy hair. He knows what he wants, and he goes out and gets it, whether it be a hard hit, a fast car, or hey, a fast woman.

At least he's honest.

The guy's having a great time, and it's hard to blame him. At 23, he's realized the "American Dream," and coming from modest roots in Moscow, one would feel wrong not wanting him to enjoy it. He refers to Don Cherry as “old people” and mocks the NHL's snob-nosed elite for desiring hockey to be celebration-free.

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Listen: Ovie is electrifying the NHL. He's killing it; even LeBron James is a fan, and it seemed that Rachel Nichols fancied him, too.

But that's between us girls.

His accent is cute, his mannerisms are cute, and his reckless abandon which easily translates to a pure love of the game is cute, too.

I don't want to watch NHL players score goals and high-five. I want to see them run into the glass, do silly dances, and revive this game a little bit.

It's the same as me not wanting to see people get drunk and sit there like alcohol doesn't affect them.

Be free, people, let your emotions out. Drive a company equipment car with your co-worker, on camera. Drive 180 MPH on the highway. Pull people's masks over their faces.

Live, Bleacher Creatures. Live!

Hey, I can't help but having a crush on the bad boy.

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